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Two Nature Loving Boho Interiors Fri, 15 Jun 2018 14:28:54 +0000 If you love to embrace the life-affirming beauty of plants and warmth of natural wood in your home, and you dig the cool laid back vibe of the boho style, then these nature loving Boho interiors could be right up your style street. Find wicker based furniture, rattan home accessories and natural rugs, cane covered ceilings, lush plants and green accents. We bring you a cool concrete based take on the style from rustic Romania, and a more sumptuous situation from Israel. Whichever end of the spectrum you draw your alternative interior inspiration from, there is a boho bag of tricks here to inspire you.

Designer: Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio   Visualizer: Vizline Studio  

The first of our two modern boho chic homes is an apartment in Romania. The living area is a modern vision of raw concrete walls and floors, and bespoke concrete furniture designs. Wicker pendant lights, rattan home accessories and a round natural woven area rug warm the look of the cool grey surrounds.

A large round wall mirror echoes the shape of the black wicker coffee table set and the natural circular rug.

The open flames of a modern rustic fireplace disappear up an industrial style chimney. A store of chopped logs inhabit a shelf in the purpose built concrete hearth.

A simple fruit bowl is set at one side of the open weave modern coffee tables.

More rattan enters the home in the shape of modern accent chairs and lidded storage baskets.

Indoor plants bring in a breath of fresh greenery, like this natural beauty flourishing in a unique plant stand.

More sprigs of greenery pop up in the dining area and along the open kitchen shelving.

A pale wicker dining pendant light is suspended low over a chunky concrete round dining table.

SIx pale wood chairs complete the unusual dining set combination.

Copper bedroom pendant lights bring heat to a concrete and light wood bedroom decor scheme.

The bed is raised up on a bespoke concrete platform base. Grey bed linen ties in with the stony scheme.

A unique pitcher stands tall and elegant on a solid wood rustic nightstand.

Designer: Anova Interior Design   Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev & Tanya Vorobyeva  

Our second bohemian beauty is a villa in Israel. This one is a more vibrant affair, both in colour and accessorising, although we still witness raw concrete decor making an appearance. Many rattan pieces grace the space, though there is also an uptake of solid wooden pieces, like this low rectangular coffee table and the unique ceiling fan.

The wooden ceiling fan is suspended from a cane ceiling, where lengths of cane have been arranged in alternating diagonal line within solid wood framework.

Golden wicker art is arranged over a textured red feature wall behind the sofa. Green scatter cushions on the white sofa contrast vibrantly with the rouge hue.

Indoor plants match with the green soft furnishings in the room. Solid wooden flooring inherits the deep reddish tone from the wall behind the sofa.

A large white area rug keeps the look uplifting and fresh. The sculptural chair that you see is the Hans Wegner Circle Chair replica.

Chevron pattern tile backs a built-in bar area in the living room.

Rich golden accents stand out against the airy blue-green and white backdrop.

A sophisticated scheme awaits inside the bedroom.

A dark teak console table holds a menagerie of treasured objects beneath a decorative mirror.

One of the items on top of the console table is the mischievous looking Seletti Monkey Lamp.

The red toned Mahogany floors continue in from the main living area, and a rich wood tower climbs the headboard feature wall too. The lantern-like bedroom pendant lights that flank the headboard feature seem to be the Ikea Sinnerlig.

Two different species of bushy indoor plant stand at the bedside windows.

The feature wall holds a surprise. The wood panels slide open to reveal a beautiful ceramic decorative piece. The panels cover the windows for some added privacy as well.

A deep green bed runner and bedroom rug.

The bedside tables are kept simple so as not to overwork the lavish scheme.

The bed and bedclothes are light to create a lift at the centre of the dark decor.

The cane ceiling makes a comeback over the sleepspace too.

A rustic media console unit stands at the base of the bedroom TV wall.

The bedroom TV wall decor adopts the same red from the sofa wall in the living room.

Living walls of vivid greenery flank the sides of a double sink bathroom vanity. A floor of pebbles links the natural frame around the dual wash area.

A luxurious modern waterfall shower is confined to a cubicle, but the rest of the bathroom is open to the beauty of the elements. Rustic wooden beams cross the room at ceiling height with no solid rooftop overhead. Blue skies and sunlight shine through.

A bathtub is situated for a bather to bask in the sun’s rays, surrounded by natural fronds, on a bed of white pebbles. A set of two side tables hold a selection of exotic toiletries in the luxury bathroom.

Aerated water jets in the tub bring the spa experience.

Natural sunlight overhead, tropical plant fronds all around, and pebbles on the ground give the experience of bathing or showering in the great outdoors. High walls provide the privacy needed to relax and unwind.

Retractable glass doors give view to a modern home exterior.

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Scandinavian Style Interior Infused With Garden Greenery Thu, 14 Jun 2018 15:10:05 +0000 Not only is this Scandinavian style apartment layered with elements of gorgeous green home decor, but living greenery thrives here too. The apartment has no actual garden to speak of, and instead looks out high above city views of St.Petersburg. Lack of outdoor space is common at inner city homes, but it doesn’t stop a homeowner hankering for all that is natural and life-affirming. A few indoor plants can make a flourish but visualiser Nikolay Limansky has also brought in an illuminated living wall that gives the illusion of a garden window, patterned green tile that hints at grassy pastures underfoot and graphic green horizons.

A zen message sets the tone in the living room from Inhale-Exhale art prints over the sofa. The sofa is upholstered in an energised shade of green, and accessorised with geometric scatter cushions. A copper floor lamp, which is the Adesso lamp, complements the green decor in the room. The lush living wall is lit from within a wooden frame that’s crossed by slats; the combination gives the effect of a courtyard window. The modern coffee table is a Live edge one, which adds to the garden feel.

Large armchairs would eat up to much of the floor space in this apartment, and block out too much daylight from the windows. Instead, a modern accent chair has been placed at each end. The modern chandelier has a copper stem to match the reading lamp.

A marbled rug looks organic at floor level.

Corner shelving has been layered with an abundance of cascading hanging plants and cacti.

A table lamp sheds light over a pretty tray of indoor plants and decorative candles. An interior window lets light flow freely from one space to the next.

On the other side of the interior window, a breakfast bar faces the glass. Four small white pendant lights are suspended at different lengths over the wooden countertop to add interest. A grey and wood dining table chair combination stands in an elegant set of four at the centre of the same room, matching a raw grey concrete feature wall.

The central formal dining spot is crowned with a cluster of three dining pendant lights. A block of succulent planters fill each window sill, adding a row of greenery to a grey urban rooftop view.

Sprigs of greenery and a simple fruit bowl decorate the rustic live-edge breakfast bar. An L-shaped kitchen runs around the two solid walls of the room. At one end of the units, a bank of shelving contains a selection of spices and dry foods in uniform glass jars, lit by the dedicated glow of LED strip lighting.

A bright green kitchen backsplash cuts between white kitchen cabinets.

Natural light spills through a large window onto floor tiles that have delicate green and white pattern, like a daisy sprinkled lawn. Window frames and a bench seat are of a soft green colourway too. Scatter cushions are a deep water blue, and wooden wall decor represents the trees.

A set of simple wall shelves make the room into a reading nook.

On a covered-in balcony, hanging planters drape greenery above a modern outdoor chair, their tendrils tumbling down a full length white window curtain. A selection of textured planters and tealight holders make another pretty display.

Mirrored closet doors reflect a walk-in wardrobe on the opposite side of the entrance to the bedroom.

An L-shaped closet system neatly divides garments and accessories into hanging rail sections, garment shelves, concealed drawers and accessory cubbies.

The walk-in closet is divided from the main sleeping area by a wooden slatted wall; the remaining bedroom space fits a double bed cosily. Two slimline copper bedroom pendant lights are suspended over small bedside shelves.

A tree mural creates a sense of space and freshness from the great outdoors over the headboard feature wall. From behind the wooden headboard, LED strip lights cast a glow at the base of the pictured tree trunks, like the setting sun on the horizon.

The open slatted design of the closet wall allows natural light from the windows to flow through.

A long makeup vanity offers two mirrored spots to sit at, though one side is being put to use as a computer desk. A flat screen TV occupies the space inbetween.

We find another double workspace inside the kids’ bedroom. Two desktop computers occupy the worktop, which leads directly into a shelving unit. Other shelves, two chests of drawers and several cupboards complete a bespoke storage wall all set to tame a double haul of toys, books and belongings. For more ideas, check out these shared kids’ rooms.

Matching desk chairs sit at the wooden worktop.

A striking kids’ chalkboard wall has been fashioned by mounting a zigzag of wooden beading from floor to ceiling, then filling one side of the divided wall with blackboard paint.

The storage units are finished in mint green, with a wood clad television nook.

A kids’ gym is fixed by unique bunk beds.

Stairs to the top bunk double as storage; a wooden map on the side makes fun and educational kid’s decor.

A boat mural brings the kids’ wall decor to life.

Calming neutrals surround a bathroom vanity.

A horizon of green hills and grey mountains climb behind the tub.

Decorative vases add a flourish of blossom and leaves.

This second shower room follows the same green, white and grey palette.

Copper accents add a luxurious sheen.

A green interior door blends with the scheme.

The shower doors have stand-out framing, like the interior windows in the living area.

Rather than camouflaging with the light wall, rich wood doors become a design feature.

An adjacent feature wall adds eye-catching chevron pattern in wood tones.

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50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:15:21 +0000 When imagining the dream kitchen, that dream for many will include a central kitchen island. The image of a independent block of units, standing bold as brass out in the middle of your floor just has a good old dose of drama about it. The grand notion could be conjured because a larger space is typically required to accommodate such a piece, or maybe it’s the show-off chef in you that would like an audience gathered round. Whatever makes them magic for you, this collection has modern kitchen island designs with colourful cut-throughs, table extensions, open shelving, futuristic geometric carving and plenty of punchy pendant lighting.

Visualizer: Kayan Design Studio & Identity Code  

Give your show-stopper a stripe of honour. The work surface of this white kitchen island is elevated away from the base units by a stripe of shelving. It’s at this midsection that a flash of bright yellow emerges to form a low table at one end. The yellow accent is picked out in other areas of the kitchen too, such as a single slender unit front, a section of backsplash and on the window frame.

Visualizer: Delta Tracing  

Look sharp. The cantilevered dining table extension on this white kitchen island cuts through the air like a knife’s edge.

Visualizer: Vladislav Barabakh  

Building your dream design could be child’s play. Chunky building blocks spring to mind when looking at the modules that make up this unique piece. The dining bench clicks into place around a shelving unit that has only a minor amount of prep space on its narrow top – a surface perhaps more suitable for decorative items or floral displays like the one seen here.

Designer: Sergey Makhno   Visualizer: Julia Siriak  

Don’t let obstacles get in your way. Structural pillars can be worked around and/or incorporated into your kitchen island design. A built-in planter distracts the eye from this solid immovable piece, and even makes it look like it was all part of the master plan. Dark rectangular seated bar stools help pull the entire ensemble together.

Designer: BIG Design   Source: Vancouver House  

Stray from the straight and narrow like this sleek black kitchen island with seductive curves.

Visualizer: Alexandry Shunyaev  

If you can stand some heat, get red in the kitchen. Alluring red lighting washes down a black tile backsplash. Red kitchen bar stools, which are the Magis Stool One, look hot at the side of an Origami style central island.

Visualizer: Burak LAFCI  

Beam me up Scotty. Whack a futuristic kitchen island in the centre of the room, practice your vulcan salute and definitely don’t wear a red shirt – all fans of Star Trek know how that ends.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Another futuristic design – though a gold faucet, matching planters and kitchen pendant lights give the decor scheme some classic finesse.

Visualizer: Ono  

Kitchen islands aren’t just for prep. Consider fitting your central island with a kitchen sink and/or cooking hob. You’ll be able to face your dinner guests or chat with family members whilst in the throws of cooking or soaping the dishes. Plus you get to pretend you’re a TV chef! Or maybe that’s just us…

Visualizer: Anton Li   

Like bread and butter, white and yellow accent kitchens work in tasty harmony.

Source: Poliform  

Harness the simple yet striking magic of monochrome with a black and white kitchen island.

Visualizer: Mitos  

Sloping silhouettes set the scene in this grey and white kitchen.

Source: Dwell  

This sloping floor has been bridged by a bespoke unit that strikes from the roofline like a bolt of lightning.

Visualizer: Denis Syrov  

There’s curvy, and then there’s curvy. This smooth shiny kitchen island looks kinda like a plastic toy boat, with cotton reel bar stools.

Source: Culimaat  

Cooking rings sit right in the countertop of this bizarre balancing act. Maybe consider how you might replace a faulty appliance in something so niche though.

Visualizer: Berezen Studio  

Complement the coolest features. Whether the round kitchen island or the round skylight came first, we’ll never know.

Visualizer: Giuseppe Burgio  

We’ll forgive you for thinking we’ve just thrown a round kitchen table into the mix under the pretence of it being an ‘island’. However, this is actually a fully-fledged prep surface set at comfortable standing height, complete with integrated white cooking rings.

Visualizer: HiMacs  

Hug your kitchen. No, not with your arms – there are hot things and sharp things in there! Hug the space with the shape of a softly curved cooking island.

Designer: Jones Britain  

This kitchen island with seating positively screams ‘family dinners’.

Visualizer: Charlotte Raynaud Studio  

A central island can be the perfect solution to a lack of wall space.

Visualizer: BURO 82  

Kitchen islands also create a clear divide in an open plan living room.

Visualizer: SCIC  

You don’t have to let it all hang out. The kitchen that is. Some concealed modern kitchen designs close up completely so that you’d barely know there was a kitchen there at all.

Visualizer: Xin Xiansen  

Cook up your favourite colour scheme with just two additions to a white kitchen: The backsplash around the border and the bar stools at the island.

Visualizer: Roy Vaes  

Gold means greatness, and this gold sided kitchen island under medallion shaped modern chandeliers sure does look great.

Visualizer: 3D World Renderings  

Stepping back into something more subtle, a white a wood ensemble creates a calming, minimalist effect.

Source: Kuchen  

Earthy tones add heat to white units.

Visualizer: Roman Kolyada  

If you like this look, check out these black and white kitchens.

Visualizer: Dark Room Studio  

More white and wood kitchens can be found here.

Visualizer: K-Band  

Sweeping away half of the base units makes more leg room for doubled up seating.

Source: Snaidero  

The Domitalia Bouchon Bar Stool looks at home in a rustic setting.

Visualizer: Serj Fedin, Serj Kondratskyi & Yevhen Zahorodnii  

A slender chimney extractor keeps the visual of this central island clean.

Visualizer: Nick Martin  

Create common ground. Open shelving facing the living area amalgamates the two zones. Plus, the wooden unit helps warm the plain white face of the island. We have covered white and wood kitchens like this in detail before.

Visualizer: Manege Render  

Extrude a marble kitchen island from a marble floor – or at least have it look that way by using the same grade of material. The gold bar stools and pendant lights in this kitchen also match with the floor treatment, creating one cohesive look of luxury.

Visualizer: Ihor Bednarchyk  

The marble kitchen in this example is part of a grey and white kitchen scheme with a matching marble backsplash. In this case the floor is natural wood to warm the overall look of the room.

Designer: Zero Energy Design  

Industrial style bar stools add the right decorative edge to a concrete, wood and white kitchen island.

Source: Kuchen  

The kitchen island doesn’t have to be the star of the show…gasp! It’s true. Just because you have the space for it doesn’t mean that the decor must revolve around it, so to speak. This unique wall of open kitchen shelving is so eye-catching that the central island has been best left simple.

Visualizer: Inuti  

This ultra simple cooking island takes second place to the base notes in the room, provided by plack pendant lighting, black faucet and hob, and Patricia Urquiola’s popular Last Minute stool design.

Visualizer: Svoya Studio  

Another open shelf kitchen design, this time working in cahoots with a kitchen island ceiling rack.

Visualizer: Nicolas JOUSLIN  

Serve both sides. Having kitchen island units that open up on each side of the installation means that you truly cash in on its central spot. Cupboards or drawers opening outward from the kitchen area could house tablecloths, placemats, candlesticks and cutlery for setting the dining table without getting in the way of the chef. Or, perhaps a stash of board games could be stacked ready for use in an adjacent family lounge.

Visualizer: Neiman  

Go for a lighter look. The slender legs on this design make it look like a movable kitchen island, but the wired-in electric hob and ceiling extractor tell us otherwise.

Visualizer: Polyviz Studio  

Play with light and shade by bringing pale wood tone to a black island. See these other black kitchens for more inspiration.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Gotta love a loft. Exposed brick walls meet a concrete countertop in this loft style kitchen with central island.

Visualizer: Karwan Muhammed  

A pendant light adds elegance and shine over the dining end of this dual level countertop.

Designer: Mayan Zusman  

A change in flooring gives this kitchen island its very own island to stand on. If you like this, check out these grey kitchens.

Visualizer: Jonathan Coronado García  

Peachy bar stools make a juicy addition to a mint green kitchen island.

Visualizer: Marcin Mierzyński   

Use lighting strips to highlight and sharpen the edges of a simple design.

Visualizer: Jakub Čech  

Marble kitchens have their own drama.

Source: Paul.M  

Mimic surroundings. In this minimalist kitchen, a plain island falls in with the look of blocky white plastered walls.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics Creations  

Layer it up, like this stunning combo of wood grain, marble and stone.

$178BUY IT

If you don’t have the space for a permanent kitchen island installation, a small rolling kitchen island can provide extra storage and prep space right where it’s needed in a busy kitchen. Then, when you’re all done it can be moved on its castors back to a resting spot out of the way of main footfall.

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38 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Add Modern Flare Tue, 12 Jun 2018 14:10:40 +0000 The bathroom is one destination in your home that is simply unavoidable, so why not style it as the picture perfect haven that it deserves to be? The good news is that there are tons of ways to add some contemporary style or quirky humor to your walls that are easy and time efficient. Changing up your bathroom to meet your design goals doesn’t always mean expensive changes or labor intensive renovations (but don’t worry, we’ve included a few DIY tile reno ideas for you diehards!). Sometimes it really is as simple as a new piece of wall decor. When it comes to your bathroom, your walls are one thing that shouldn’t be naked!


Bathroom Rules Wall Plaque: This bathroom rules wall plaque is not only stylish, but great for kid’s learning about bathroom etiquette. And let’s be honest, I’m sure there are a few husbands that could use the reminder too.


Rustic Bathroom Rules Wall Plaque: Rustic and quirky, this bathroom rules wall art would look ultra cute in a farmhouse styled bathroom. Available in 11″ x 14″ or 13″ x 20″.


Bathroom Rules Vinyl Wall Decal: Don’t want to deal with a hammer and nails? No problem! Vinyl wall decals are a simple way to add a bit of flare to a space. They are especially wonderful for renters that are worried about damaging the walls.


Funny Bathroom Quote: If you’re aiming to add a bit of humor to your bathroom decor, then this is a great piece. Anyone with a house full of boys can fully relate.


Bathroom Wall Art Set of 3: This rustic wall art trio is injected with both humor and a country chic vibe. The 3D vine decal make this set extra eye-catching.


Wooden Frame Bathroom Wall Signs: Bathroom humor presented in a wonderfully chic, modern manner. The wooden frame contrasting against the simple black and white designs are minimalist perfection.


Toilet Utility Patents: Who would of thought that a toilet design patent would make great decor!? These black and white beauties are available as a set of four.


Purple Floral Wall Art: If you are looking for unique, purple wall decor for your bathroom, these may be for you. Aesthetically stunning with their transparent layers, this floral wall art is extra special since it is based on actual x-rays of flowers before being embellished with additional detail. You can see more from the artist behind these magnificent florals here.


Sensual 3-Piece Waterproof Canvas Art Prints: Simple and playful, this 3-piece canvas art set is full of femininity and raw sensuality. Bonus, they are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any moisture damage.


Soak Relax Unwind Bathroom Wall Art: “Soak. Relax. Unwind.” Possibly some of the best advice we have heard all week. This rustic and modern wall art trio would be a welcome addition to any bathroom looking for a bit more serenity.

From $198BUY IT

Abstract Wooden Wall Art: This geometric, wooden wall art is both artistic and earthy with it’s rustic charm. Made from reclaimed wood, these handmade beauties are neutral enough to match almost any decor and are sure to help infuse your bathroom with envious, minimalist style.


Vintage Style Bathroom Wall Art: Old meets new with these vintage style bathroom prints. This black and white wall art is an affordable way to add a bit of old-style glam to your decor.


They See Me Rolling Bathroom Wall Art: If you get antsy waiting for mail to arrive like we do, then try some instant download bathroom art. A great example is this hilarious print. All you have to do is purchase and then from there the file will be sent to your email and you can either print it at home or your local print shop.


Funny Bathroom Box Sign: This primitive and funny bathroom sign is a small gem that would look great sitting on the counter or a shelf. We love the distressed finish that makes this simple sign subtly more intricate.


Funny Dog & Cat Reading Newspaper Wall Art: Reading a newspaper on the toilet is familiar to many, but this bathroom activity is apparently not just for humans anymore. This funny dog or cat wall art comes in a brown, rustic frame and arrives ready to hang.

From $18BUY IT

Superheroes On The Toilet Posters: Because even superheroes need a bathroom break. The perfect wall art for a superhero themed kid’s bathroom. Be sure to check out our article, Superhero Home Decor For Themed Rooms & Parties for more superhero ideas and inspiration.


Skeleton Bathroom Prints: Skeletons aren’t just for Halloween decor! I’m pretty sure we can all relate to these comical and quirky skeleton bathroom prints.


Funny Bathroom Sign: A funny and relatable bathroom sign because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. If you are looking for something humorous, without being over the top, this black and white sign is a no-brainer.

$115BUY IT

Cloudy Shaped Toilet Paper Holder: This is a piece of wall art that will look stylish either rain or shine. A bathroom essential is taken to the next level with this ingenious cloud shaped toilet paper holder.


Dragon Toilet Paper Holder: Some dragons are destined to guard gold, this one is the almighty keeper of the toilet paper. If you love dragon home decor, then this medieval masterpiece is a must. After all, wall art doesn’t have to be limited to just paintings and prints.


Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder: If you don’t trust the Dragon with your toilet paper, what about a noble knight? If you want more toilet paper fun, be sure to check out our post on cool toilet paper holders.


Toilet Monster Decal: Alright, so we realize that this isn’t technically wall decor, but we couldn’t resist throwing him in. A quirky decal with quite the impact.


Mason Jar Wall Sconces: If spa-like ambiance is what you are after, then we highly recommend these mason jar wall sconces. Their soft illumination is perfect to pair with a warm, relaxing bath. A great alternative to candles for those who prefer to go flameless.


Flip Flop Shaped Wall Hooks: Beach themed wall art that makes us crave that summer sunshine. These ornate flip-flops are the perfect tie in for a beachy bathroom. They are pretty useless when it comes to you feet, but are great for hanging up towels and robes.


Beach Wall Decor For Bathroom: Be the captain of your bathroom with these fun, ship steering wheels. A piece of nautical home decor that is both affordable and unexpected.


Mountain Shaped Decorative Wall Hooks: Modern, simple, and purposeful. These mountain shaped wall hooks are an exciting find that will take your bathroom decor to new heights. Their color combo is completely customizable, so there is no worrying if they will match your color palette.


Decorative Jumbo Clothespin Hook: These may look like clothespins for giants, but they are actually rustic showpieces just waiting to be introduced to your home. These jumbo clothespin hooks are a unique and unexpected way to add a few more hanging options to your bathroom.


Industrial Style Bathroom Wall Hooks: These rustic, industrial hooks are wonderfully customizable. You can choose how many hooks you need and one of eight wood stain colors. Want more ideas and inspiration? Check out our article dedicated to decorative wall hooks.


Modern Style Bathroom Wall Clock: If you or your kids are always running late, it might be time to put a clock in the bathroom. This turquoise and white design is particularly fun with it being in the shape of a bubble bath.


Antique Style Bathtub Shaped Clock: Another bathtub shaped clock, but this time in a more elegant, antique finish. Detailed in gold and a durable polyresin.


Modern Style Bathroom Glass Shelf With Towel Bar and Rail: Don’t underestimate the power of a simple shelf to liven up a blank wall with just the right accessories. With so many possibilities, this is a fantastically versatile option.

$159BUY IT

Industrial Style Shelving: If you are one to get bored with decor fast, consider shelving. You can theme the shelves with the seasons or change out the decor whenever you please. These industrial style shelves are especially chic with their unique pipe and wood design.


Mason Jar Organizer Set: Mason jar organizers are an asset to any bathroom. Mounted directly on the wall they are a fab solution to keep your counters clutter free. Or if you’re looking to set the mood, they also make amazing candle holders.

$275BUY IT

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors: A simple accent piece that is brimming with contemporary elegance. This backlit bathroom mirror makes a big impact with it’s LED lighting system. It is available in multiple sizes.


Decorative Bathroom Mirrors: Changing out your bathroom mirror can take your bathroom from plain to radiant with minimal time and effort. This geometric beauty is a great example with its bold shape and design.


Interlocking Vinyl Bathroom Wall Tiles: These DIY friendly tiles are easy to install and come with a satisfaction guaranteed. If you are looking to take on your first tile project, these gray interlocking tiles are a brilliant option.


3D Patterned Floor & Wall Stickers: If a full-tilt tiling project seems daunting, then switch things up with these super simple floor and wall stickers. These hexagon peel and stick tiles are eco-friendly and a superb option for renters.

$9.36/sqftBUY IT

Decorative Hexagonal Bathroom Tiles: Tiling can be quite the task, but these awe-inspiring results are well worth it. Hexagonal bathroom tiles are simple, yet slightly more ornate than your usual square or rectangular designs, making them a versatile and playful motif for a modern bathroom.

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4 Small Space Apartments That Use Clever Ways To Maximize Space Mon, 11 Jun 2018 15:07:26 +0000 When living space is at a premium, it’s time to get creative. We all enter homeownership with a list of ideals and wishes but sometimes it’s hard just to shoehorn in the bare essentials. With enough ingenuity and vision though, it’s possible to make something practical and beautiful within seemingly unrealistic confines. These four small apartments exhibit four different design solutions to make life fit comfortably within their walls. Discover a lofted bed over a living room, an extravaganza of a storage wall linked to a dedicated home office area, a glass wall bedroom with a sunken bed situation, and a set of cunningly camouflaged cupboards.

Visualizer: Hary Adiwinata  

Home design number one harnesses the potential of vertical proportions with a lofted bed installation.

The sleeping platform is lifted high above the sofa in the lounge area, so that upon entering the home you may not even clock the upper layer. The ladders by which the homeowner gains access to the sleep space are a slimline white design to blend in with the white decor of the room. You can find more ideas like this in these small studios with lofted beds.

The darkness of the sofa and the area rug draws the eye downwards, away from the loft bed. Tan scatter cushions on the sofa match with the tone of the wood veneer modern coffee table.

Despite the compact dimensions of this small studio apartment, a floor lamp with a huge shade has been introduced.

A green kitchen loudly demands it’s very own corner of the small room.

Visualizer: Maria Minaeva  

Home number two has a delicate soft powder blue, beige and white colour scheme. Golden accents shine from the modern chandelier and wall sconce. A small beige sofa is pushed right up against the end of the kitchen run, sitting flush between the base cabinets and the external wall. A window seat, which spans the entire width of the narrow room, provides some extra seating space if guests should call.

Directly in front of the sofa is a tiny dining table chair combination in blue and white.

Beyond the dining area, an extravaganza of storage units serve many different purposes along the full length of the room, beginning with a dedicated home office space.

Next in line, the run of storage becomes a media console and TV wall decor, before transforming into closets and hall furniture.

Patterned floor tiles span the home entryway and the blue kitchen.

Visualizer: Studio Pine  

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, the project area for our second featured design is just 40 square metres. The designers interpreted the femininity of the homeowner through use of light wooden furniture, smooth edges and rounded shapes. We can see examples of this in the unique sofa and the modern coffee table.

Beyond the lounge we catch a glimpse of the bed behind a glass partition. A heavy grey drape can be used to screen the sleep space opaquely from view of the sofa. The double bed is flanked by a raised false floor, creating the illusion that the bed has been sunken into the ground.

On top of the raised level, a dressing area stands to one side of the bed, in front of large windows. A row of grass grows at the base of the windows in lieu of a real garden. An indoor plant adds to the nature theme.

The black and wood tone decor scheme becomes more dramatic and cosy by night.

Aside from indoor plants, green accent furniture has been introduced to the interior to evoke a garden feel. Two green dining chairs and one yellow chair are seated at a dining table that is of one continuous piece with the top of the dresser.

The bespoke dining table is lit along its length by two black dining pendant lights. Аlmost all the furniture in this home is custom made, in birch and oak woods.

The contrast of deep ebony floors emphasise the light and fresh nature of the light natural woods.

The remaining area, on the opposite side of the central wall, lends itself perfectly to being a reading nook. The bespoke bench and bookshelves are bathed in natural light from another large window.

Black and light wood decor continues into the bathroom.

Coffee mugs and a unique pitcher transform the dining bench into a coffee bar.

A frameless shower screen almost disappears against the blackness of wall tiles.

A wall mounted vanity unit keeps the floor area looking at its maximum.

Visualizer: Dmitry Tsyrencshikov   

Finally, our fourth small space apartment greets us with some more green accents.

The modern dining chairs are green acrylic, and have been matched by green drinking glasses; a blue front door completes a gorgeous combination. Distracted by the splash of colour, we almost don’t notice the huge recessed storage closets that line the room, white doors camouflaged against white walls.

The bathroom door too falls away from plain sight, with its white slab door set into plain white decor.

Patterned wallpaper on the headboard wall distracts the eye further.

Jade green curtains and pillows accent the white bedroom scheme.

Two gold modern wall sconces are affixed to a white headboard, matching the golden accents of the bedside tables. The bedroom pendant lights are the Flowerpot VP1 Pendant.

Wooden wall units warm the look of the white kitchen.

A huge floor to ceiling frameless mirror creates the illusion of added space.

The indoor plant lit by a gold designer table lamp here is a Madagascar dragon tree.

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Product Of The Week: Wall Hanging Glass Planters Sun, 10 Jun 2018 16:30:58 +0000 Bring some greenery in with these beautiful, easy to hang planters.



Get it on Amazon.

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Two Small Apartments: A Blue Oasis of Minimalist Living Fri, 08 Jun 2018 14:22:13 +0000 These cozy apartments may be small, but they emanate big style with their elegant finishes and multipurpose layouts. All white may work to highlight and expand some smaller spaces, but these humble abodes take small living in a different direction. They are bold, brilliant, and blue. That’s right, blue! Each one is filled with a mix of contrast and color that helps showcase their brilliant design. Would you downsize your life to fit in one of these stunning, multi functional homes? We never thought that you could find everything you need in a 50 sq. meter apartment, but these blue beauties have us thinking twice!

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalcev  

This elegantly executed apartment was created for a young woman as a multi functional space. From a bedroom that transforms in to a living room to a bed that doubles as a projector screen, no space has been wasted in this modern, mini design. And certainly no style has been sacrificed either. Whether it’s dinner for one or a party for ten, this apartment has it covered!

The modern vibe of this small, open-concept design has us in awe. A projector screen that we can see right from the kitchen table? Yes, please! Not to mention that when you’re done, that same screen folds down to create a cozy bed. Just see for yourself in the next photo.

Slide out, glass panels are an ingenious addition to this home’s design. They’re a great way to impart a little separation between the kitchen and bedroom, all while maintaining that open-concept feel.

From contemporary living room to cozy bedroom. This fold down Murphy bed is one to envy with its built-in shelf surroundings and luxurious, navy blue linens.

Pot lights, under cabinet lighting, globe pendant lights, and a large window make sure there is no lack of light here. The small blue living room off to the side looks like the perfect place for a cup of tea and a good book. It is the epitome of cozy, if we’ve ever seen one!

The light wooden countertops and white brick backsplash are the perfect contrast against the navy blue chairs in this eat-in kitchen. Little touches like the bold fruit bowl also don’t go unnoticed in this setup and really help harmonize the space.

A great view of all the natural lighting and the waterfall countertop. Yes, this kitchen may be small, but the layout makes sure that there is still plenty of space to prepare meals. The kitchen island that doubles as extra eating space is perfect for this compact room.

Open cabinetry, large drawers, and more built-in bookcases. Built-ins are such a great way to maintain a modern, clean feel in a home, all while functionally housing and stylishly showing off your book collection.

A pull out, accordion wall to give the bedroom a little bit of privacy. The wall having the same white and wood finish as the cabinetry and countertops helps give an effortless flow between the two rooms. .

From this floor plan we see that there is also a bathroom, walk-in closet, and sitting room. This apartment truly has everything that you could possibly need.

Visualizer: Vadim Ryzhkov & Evgeniya Raskosova  

This contemporary, blue living room is a serene oasis with a minimalistic style that we can’t get enough of. From the Scandinavian modern accent chair, which is the Wegner style shell chair to the unique floor lamp thoughtfully named the Grasshopper, everything comes together beautifully in this space.

Just as we saw in the previous apartment, built-ins are great to create a high style, storage solution. This one is particularly stunning coated in a powder blue finish that helps highlight the rest of the room, all while functionally housing the flatscreen TV.

A couple more views of the cabinet and all of it’s asymmetrical allure. The fact that not all the shelves are open gives it a clean, uncluttered feel, which is exactly what a small living room calls for.

A sneak peek in to the dining room/kitchen. The combo of white, oak, and stainless steel creates a delicious contrast in both texture and color.

The white radiator gives a vintage charm to the room, while the spider-like Serge Mouille style 3 arm lamp adds a bit more of a contemporary vibe. The modern, modular couches are perfect with so many configuration options. Definitely a good choice for a multipurpose home.

The dining table chair combination in this eat-in kitchen is unexpectedly divine. The fact that all four chairs don’t match, adds a quirky touch to the kitchen and helps keep things interesting. And the modern, overhead lighting, is truly the black cherry on top.

The oak wood finish and light flooring being carried out on to the balcony really ties it in with the rest of the home’s airy aesthetic. The unique plant display isn’t only great for homing your favorite greens, but it also doubles as a bit of a privacy panel.

The full wall, flat-panel cabinets in this dreamy blue kitchen are minimalistic, yet make a big impact. The wall oven and counter stove top only add to this sleek, linear design.

The first thing we noticed in this black and white bedroom is the unique swing arm wall lamp in a Flos Mod 265 style . The original is available here.

Black bedding makes a huge impact in this space, contrasting against the white walls, light wood finishes, and white modern swivel chair.

Sure, we would take a 2 second commute from our bed to the office! The built-in desk with side shelving and ample desk space, makes a functional and modern home office. The Serge Mouille style wall lamp is also a great fit for this workspace, since it is both flexible and doesn’t take up any desk space.

There isn’t much color to this home, besides blue, which makes the Eames bird really pop. He might be the cutest co-worker ever!

Simple, sleek, and to the point can be used to describe both the hallway and the bathroom in this humble abode. We see that blue has been carried to this side of the house and thoughtfully accented with a gorgeous marble finish.

A view from above. This really gave us a sense of how each room in this small, but mighty apartment, masterfully fit together. Kudos to visualizers, Vadim Ryzhkov & Evgeniya Raskosova, for creating this stunning home!

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3 Open Plan Interiors With Glass Wall Bedrooms Thu, 07 Jun 2018 14:24:56 +0000 Small studio apartments have the bedroom area situated right alongside the kitchen diner and lounge area – usually without divide. However, these compact open plan homes use glazed panels and doors to create separated glass wall bedrooms. The clear nature of the medium means that the sleep space can still be viewed as part of the whole, thus maximising the compact dimensions of the space. A glass bedroom partition not only makes the change of purpose clear cut, but also creates a light cocoon around the sleep space to give it the feeling of a safe haven; they can even help reduce noise to aid better sleep.

Designer: Alexandra Bertova & Daria Savitskaia   Visualizer: Daria Savitskaia  

Our first apartment is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia, with an area of just 46 square metres. Sombre accents of deep bottle green and black contrast against a pure white decor scheme. A swing arm wall lamp is the Flos Mod 265 lamp cuts across a gallery wall where artwork introduces new hues, including a vivid run of yellow. For more ideas like this, check out these living rooms with large wall art.

Behind the solid gallery wall, retractable glass doors give entry to the bedroom area. Glass panels take the divide all the way to the ceiling.

The headboard wall is decorated with a large bedroom neon sign, whilst the bedsides are lit by modern bedroom pendant lights. A closet system spans one entire wall, with shelves and rails left open to the room.

Depending on how much light and privacy is required for the time of day, a selection can be made between sheer window voiles or heavy drapes to veil the bedroom.

A black kitchen diner occupies one corner of the apartment. Tubular kitchen pendant lights are strung out around the prep area from one central ceiling outlet.

A window seat acts as a space saving banquette bench in the dining area.

The designer floor lamp that lights a reading chair in the corner is the AJ floor lamp. A black tray table matches the coating of the lamp and the chair legs.

White ceramics and colourful glassware have been used to lighten the look of the solid black kitchen.

A duck egg blue Smeg toaster looks bright against the black tile backsplash.

An arrangement of hallway furniture and a full length mirror create a useful entryway. Ample storage and drop zones are provided by a stylish wall mounted console unit, a wall shelf and a decorative wall hook that you can get from here.

The grey and white bathroom has a trendy concrete floor.

The look of the bathroom is transformed by modern wall sconces and coloured light.

Tealight holders add twinkle to the vanity.

A black framed round bathroom mirror matches the black faucet.

LED lighting brightens recessed shelves.

The one bedroom home plan shows how a small space can be divided to great effect.

Visualizer: Trang Chuột  

Our second studio apartment with a glass wall bedroom adopts an earthy palette. Two modern coffee tables stand in front of a brown leather sofa, set against a deep taupe wall. With a feline friend in the house, that bespoke platform bed could harbor some stylish cat furniture solutions, like hiding nooks.

The glass bedroom partition does not reach the ceiling in this instance. The ceiling space over the lounge has a recessed lighting feature, in a rectangle shape that frames a central pendant light.

Two dining room pendant lights have a different design to mark the change of area and purpose.

The dining set is a combination of white, wood and black finishes to complement the adjacent kitchen.

A light green vanity unit and matching toilet add an unexpected twist to the bathroom scheme. Concrete tiles cover the floor.

Visualizer: Doan Nguyen  

Our third and last studio with glass bedroom installation is a slightly more grand affair. The glass bedroom wall makes a striking backdrop to a sophisticated lounge. A high end modern chandelier hovers over a dark brown leather sofa and a sprawling hide rug.

A black and white mid century coffee table set reflects the circular theme on the ceiling.

Sleek herringbone flooring runs seamlessly beneath the glazed divide. The heavy black framing of the glass wall adds drama, and intrigue as to what lies beyond it.

Four outdoor style chairs border a more simplified square dining table. A slatted wall treatment decorates the dining room wall, and runs on as TV wall decor. A large piece of wall art anchors the dining set in its position, as does a simple dining pendant light suspended low over the tabletop.

A narrow fretwork panel marks the start of the kitchen. Black units form an L-shaped kitchen design, with one single bright yellow shelving unit set into the line of wall cupboards to break the dark plane.

Two more fretwork panels provide visual stops at the other end of the open plan room.

Black decor covers the bedroom. The dark scheme is lifted by the greenery of botanical artwork and indoor plants like the stunning peace lily plant on a bedside console. Glass bedroom pendant lights throw light over a concrete headboard feature wall.

Venetian window blinds can be dropped to provide privacy in the bedroom when required. A glass closet resides at one end of the bedroom, accessed via open sides.

A glass wall bathroom continues the open glassy theme.

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All-White Interior Design: Tips With Example Images To Help You Get It Right Wed, 06 Jun 2018 14:15:34 +0000 Stylish white decor schemes aren’t as simple or easy to get right as some may think. Sure, a blank palette takes away the margin for error in terms of clashing colour but go too plain and you’re in danger of living inside of a bland box. There are actually quite a few white shades out there! Paint pots come labelled with curiosities like: Navajo White, Seed Pearl, Silver Lining and Whisper. Aside from the shades of white there are to explore (they can be pretty open to interpretation on a backlit screen), let’s delve into adding interest through furniture, accessories, bold accents and differing aesthetics.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Don’t have an icy heart. A white living room seems the obvious place to start, and a kitchen diner to boot. As this is the heart of the home, go for a warmer shade of white so that this cosy zone doesn’t feel too cold, or use lighting to cast a warm glow.

Architect: Amir Navon   Designer: Yael Perry & Dafna Gravinsky  

Use treasured items to colour your blank canvas. White wall shelves blend cleanly with white walls and allow display items to stand out.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Initiate a shape theme. A set of round modern coffee tables and a group of high impact orb shaped modern chandeliers make a stunning central focal point.

Visualizer: Jamie Bush & Co  

A gallery white wall is just crying out for some art. If you like this look check out these other living rooms with large wall art.

Designer: DNA Concept Design   Photographer: Hey!Cheese Photography  

Who needs colour when there’s shape? Another shapely theme, only this time from the ceiling architecture and an unusually shaped table. The rest of the room is minimalist. See other minimalist homes that indulge in lots of white here.

Designer: Brain Factory  

Warm up white walls with wood flooring.

Visualizer: Paulina Arcklin  

Go tribal with natural accessories. There are more pictures of this unique home here.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

No one does white decor better than the Scandinavians. A Scandinavian living room is typically littered with monochrome elements, lots of wood frame furniture and an occasional pop of cheerful colour.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

White painted boiserie is like icing on a cake.

Visualizer: U6 Studio  

Go all-in. This all-white interior design spans the entire house, making the mezzanine level in-keeping with the ground floor.

Visualizer: Hung Le  

Use texture, pattern and framing. This tv wall decor has a grey veined white marble backdrop. Wainscoting decorates the adjacent wall. Even though both walls are white, these small additions add lots of interest.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

This white dining room uses textured tile for the floor.

Architect: Amir Navon   Designer: Yael Perry & Dafna Gravinsky  

Change out just one or two white items. One white dining chair has been bumped for a black version in this black and white dining room. A black plant pot balances out the new recruit.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov  

These shapely black modern dining chairs look like origami.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

Crown a plain white dining set with a striking black dining pendant light.

Visualizer: Craftr Studio  

Dark wood looks strong cutting through a snow white scene.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Season with black pepper. Not literally. But a white scheme is made more tasty with a peppering of small black accessories, like this crockery set and plant stand. Indoor plants add a sneaky snippet of green too.

Visualizer: Paulina Arcklin  

Add soft textures, like the bushy light shades and shaggy faux fur throws of this tribal decor.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Build in some industrial flair with a concrete accent wall.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Break a run of white kitchen units with an integrated black oven.

Visualizer: Modom Studio  

Make a quirky layout of ordinary white kitchen units.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

White decor helps a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Source: Stadshem  

Scandinavian kitchens have most of the cooking utensils out on display to create a culinary buzz.

Designer: Euge & Seta  

Throw in a block of colour like this yellow accent kitchen.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Draw out a design with electrical wiring. The route of these kitchen pendant lights looks like a subway map. Black kitchen bar stools match the ceiling feature.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

A stairway to heaven? Nope, just some heavenly white LED lighting.

Visualizer: Marina Tsishyna  

Jazz up a white bedroom with an eye-catching feature wall.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Use warmer neutrals to soften. The wooden legs of this floor lamp are complemented by a neutral pebble rug and bed throw.

Visualizer: Vlad Mishin  

Embrace flexibility. The beauty of a predominantly white scheme is that you can change out colour with ease. These swing arm wall lamps light bright wall art that can be swapped in an instant.

Visualizer: BrainFactory  

This pastel headboard feature wall is a little more permanent, but oh so beautiful. Also note the fantastic recessed bedside lighting strips that travel up and over the ceiling.

Visualizer: Duan  

Whitewash exposed brickwork for a cool loft look. A modern four poster bed looks great against the urban chic backdrop, with a unique ceiling fan and artwork contained within its frame.

Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko  

Turn up the volume on pattern. A white decor scheme doesn’t have to be plain. Black polka dots and geometrics update the look.

Source: Ivy Muse  

Turn your white house into a greenhouse.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Pretty pastel pink accents look divine on white.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

The white interior door next to this makeup vanity is kitted out with white door furniture for a clean finish.

Visualizer: Odair Santos  

Every nook has a wooden lining – or at least this reading nook does anyway.

Visualizer: KUOO Architects  

A tinted shower screen sections the white space in this luxury bathroom.

Visualizer: 365 Design  

Charcoal floor tiles ground this light bathroom scheme.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

Be brave with chunky base notes of black to counterbalance white.

Visualizer: Home D  

An all-white bathroom always looks clean and hygienic. However, a few natural elements like a unique laundry basket and a leather strap mirror pull in a little style. Note the beautifully distressed white painted floor too – gorgeous!

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