Here’s When You Need The Pros To Trim Hedges

Hedges are a great way to add décor and privacy to your garden or yard area. However, these beautifully manicured hedges require frequent skilled gardening services Sydney from Amico to maintain its appearance.

While there are also times you could do your trimming or hedge maintenance, it’s always recommended to get the best gardening services Kensington by Amico so you could get the optimum results. Apart from their expertise, the pros have the right tools required for the job so that they can work more efficiently in comparison to someone doing it for the first time.

Read on below to learn about a pro’s best practice for hedge maintenance and when you should hire an expert for your hedge needs.

  • Hedge Trimming Best Practice – Step 1

A professional hedge trimmer practices proper trimming by ensuring that their trimmer blades are sharp. Not only does this ensure a clean cut, but it also means that the hedges stay healthy and prevent tearing the foliage. Before the expert starts to trim, he will first search the hedges for possible wildlife, such as cats, possums, and even birds and bird nests, to prevent accidents. The professional hedge trimmer will also prepare for the trimmings by spreading a plastic sheet on the ground to catch the clippings.

  • Hedge Trimming Best Practice – Step 2

The next step for a professional hedge trimmer is to start cutting with a sweeping motion in an up and down direction. To avoid bare areas at the bottom, the expert will cut the top narrower to maximize sun exposure. The pro holds the trimmer at an angle of approximately ten degrees horizontally to move branches and leaves out of the way. While doing so, the expert will walk around the hedge and see it from a distance to check if the line is even. The pro will practice caution with every cut to ensure that he doesn’t remove too much.

  • Hedge Trimming Best Practice – Step 3

The finishing touches complete the 3-steps of the hedge trimming best practice. Depending on the client’s preference, the pro can either finish the hedge with a sharp, hard corner or a softer, more natural look instead. After that, the pro cleans the blades from sap to prevent any build up for future work. The pro will ensure that all the hedges are neatly trimmed and that the work area has been thoroughly cleaned.

  • Hiring The Pros For Uneven Hedge

You should call for a professional’s help when your hedges are uneven. This issue can be from parts of the hedge growing slower than the others, or you may have accidentally removed more of the hedge than intended. Without an expert’s help, uneven hedges will look unsightly and will possibly go wild.

  • Hiring The Pros For Unhealthy Hedges

Maintaining your hedges is crucial, especially when health is the concern. Whether it’s a soil problem or a disease, improper maintenance can lead to a wide variety of problems.

Final Word

To ensure the look and health of your hedges, hiring hedge trimming professionals is key. While this means you need to shell out a bit more of your money, it also results in healthier, and better-looking hedges which will accentuate your garden better.

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