How Can You Tell If Your Windows Are Leaking?

Leaking windows will affect your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your comfort, and cause you to lose money. You, unavoidably, need window replacement as soon as you detect that your windows are leaking. Discovering leaking windows is crucial to improving the condition of your home.

Leaking windows are usually caused by poor installation and damaged seal. Immediately you detect that your windows are leaking, call for window replacement to save money, and prevent health issues. Here are 5 ways you can tell if your windows are leaking:

  1. Increasing Energy Bills

If your neighbors have comparatively lower energy bills, despite having this same type of home, you should test your windows for holes, gaps, cracks, or failed sealing unit. Also, if you notice an increase in your energy bills, have your windows checked by a professional to detect the leaking windows.

The reason why leaking windows cause an increase in energy bills is that the HVAC system bill will be tasked to work harder to compensate for the loss of heat or cold in the home.

  1. Condensation

Another way to tell that your windows are leaking is through condensation on your windows. If your windows are foggy and you cannot see anything outside, your windows already have issues with their sealing units. Condensation in-between the two panes of glass is bad, and only have window replacement is the solution to such problems. You may need to re-caulk the windows as a palliative measure.

  1. Loss of Soundproofing

If your windows can no longer block the noise coming outside, such that you are disturbed by the sound of vehicles passing by, your windows probably have damaged, and you need window replacement as quickly as possible. Usually, windows that are in good condition will block out all forms of noise.

  1. Decaying Frames

Wood and moisture are enemies, and when your window frames begin to decay, you certainly have moisture build-up in your home, which in most cases, can be traced to leaking windows. Once your window frames have lost their resistance to humidity or moisture build-up, they begin to decay and allow drafts into the house.

  1. Difficult Operation

When your windows don’t close easily due to warping or other damaged parts, you need not be told that your windows are leaking. Call a professional window installer for window replacement.

The tips above are ways to know that your windows are leaking. Know that leaking windows will result in financial loss and safety issues. Contact a professional company for window replacement to reinstate the energy efficiency of your house and overall comfort level.

Hiring a contractor is the way to go, but choosing one can be a headache: How to choose a contractor for your home improvement projects? How can you tell if someone is good at a job you don’t know how to do? Before you decide to commit to any project, we recommend comparing at least 3-4 different contractors.

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