How To Keep Portable Toilets Comfortable To Use During The Summer

Whether you’re hosting an event or you have a workplace that requires the employees to have immediate and convenient access to a toilet, having portable toilets is a great way to get around this. Most porta potty rental companies have units that come with air vents that are breathable even during a hot summer’s day.

Portable toilets are great to have during the summer. However, the standard porta potty rental Gettysburg PA can become problematic when it comes to the upkeep if you don’t know the right way to ensure that they’re comfortable. Below are some tips to help you achieve this.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The biggest secret in keeping portable toilets comfortable is keeping it clean. While there should be steps taken to ensure that it is cleaned properly, everyone that uses it should be encouraged to do their part in keeping it clean. This will significantly reduce the bar odor especially due to the summer’s heat.

Providing everyone who uses portable toilets access to necessities such as hand sanitizers, water, and toilet paper will go a long way in encouraging them to keep clean. If these aren’t provided, most people will immediately just want to get out of there after using the porta potty.

Don’t Let Lines Form

The biggest red flag when it comes to porta potty rental Gettysburg PA is when lines form regularly. This means that you don’t have the right number of units. During the summer season, people tend to drink lots of water to combat the heat. This means extra trips to the restroom.

Fortunately, most porta potty rental companies are flexible with their operation. If you require more to be delivered to your location, all you have to do is make a phone call and ask. It’ll also be more beneficial if you do a quick rundown of how many people use and what the peak hours are.

Provide Some Shade

Even though a porta potty rental Gettysburg PA can come with a roof, you’ll benefit a lot more in providing it some shade. It can come in the form of a tarpaulin roof or even placing it in an area where it’ll be protected from direct sunlight by a large tree.

The less exposure the porta potty has to the sun, the lower the temperature will be. This will make the use of the porta potty more comfortable for those that need them. Providing some shady can also help in alleviating the shock that a person might feel when stepping out of the roof of the porta potty because they won’t be directly thrown under the sunlight.

Go Big If Need Be

There are many options when it comes to porta potty rental Gettysburg PA. You can go with a trailer type known as VIP porta potties. Some even come with their own powder room. If you are going to host a formal event and you can’t comprehend the visual of someone in an expensive gown trying to squat over a standard unit, then you definitely need to spend more for the VIP treatment.

Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service also offers porta potty rental Gettysburg PA. It can be a lifesaver and perfect for construction sites and outdoor events. Contact us today!