How to Look After Your Garden Decking and Make It Last Longer?

Gardening and landscaping are among the simple joys of life. When done in an aesthetic way, these can ensure a tranquil, serene spot for you. It can be easier for you to enjoy some quiet moments of leisure, or get a fantastic place to celebrate special occasions and entertain friends, guests and visitors in. Garden Decking Nottingham is a beautiful landscaping feature that can be a fantastic outdoor extension of your home’s living space house outdoors. All through the year, it is subjected to all kinds of weather, foot traffic and wear and tear. Here is how to make it last longer with a little care.

Clean the deck regularly

You can use brush for cleaning the dirt and dust on your deck. Do the cleaning regularly. If there is mildew or alga, you may use stiff brushes to get rid of the same more easily. You may even use a deck cleaning liquid or pressure-hose, if the stiff brushes fail to be useful. This can help keep the Garden Decking Nottingham in a pristine condition.

Check the form and fit

Make sure that the Garden Decking Nottingham is in proper condition, and has not come off in places. Generally, decking is constructed in a simple way. The decking boards are attached to a timber frame, which comprises of horizontal joists joined to vertical posts. Bolts and screws, rather than nails, are used today to join the boards together and form the decking. However, with the passage of time, these can come off loose and compromise the integrity of the decking. This is exactly the reason why you need to check the screws and bolts regularly, and tighten them. In order to let air circulation happen and for preventing the growth of mold, you always need to place pots over bricks.

Use Rubber mats

You can minimize damage to your Garden Decking Nottingham with the help of Rubber mats. When you keep furniture on decking, the legs of the pieces can damage the boards. Thus, it is better that you put rubber mats under the legs of furniture pieces. Always keep furniture on them, in order to minimize damage.

Without regular maintenance and adequate care, Garden Decking Nottingham is incomplete. Once a year, you need to add clear water repellent. When required, you have to replace deck boards and fit new ones in place to let the decking keep you serving for as long as possible.

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