The Advantages of Having a Sofa Bed Vs. A Regular Couch

Everyone in Vancouver eventually has a living room to furnish. It’s never a question to get things like a coffee table set, lamps, or a chair, but then it comes to the question of the couch: will it be a sofa bed or a regular couch? This is the question that has been asked in every living room in North America since sofa beds were invented! It’s also divided people on which is better. So, what are the advantages of a sofa bed vs. the trusty, old couch?

The greatest disadvantage of having a sofa bed is that they are bulky. Having a mattress and a frame inside of them does make a sofa bed a bit of a hassle to move in and out. That is definitely what makes most people bulk at having one, but hiring some moving people to carry it usually takes care of that problem!

The biggest disadvantage of having a regular couch is that they can only sleep one person, and usually not comfortably! This is why the sofa bed exists. What the regular couch makes up for on that front, however, is that they are lightweight and easy to move whenever it’s required.

This is where the sofa bed is the most useful and when people decide if they need one: they fold out into a convenient bed. The question is whether or not the extra bed is needed in the house. For people with larger homes and guest rooms, this becomes an easy question to answer, but many people in Vancouver don’t have that option.

The Vancouver real estate market is no longer as hot as it was, but it is still pricey and families looking to buying condos and homes are usually getting the minimum of what they need because just one extra bedroom means another hundred thousand dollars or more. As a result, it’s pretty well one bedroom a child and one for the parents, if they’re lucky.

Because of this, space is at a premium in most Vancouver homes. That doesn’t mean, though that friends and family aren’t going to drop in from time to time, and they still have to stay somewhere! It’s chiefly for this reason that having a sofa bed allows the living room to become a makeshift guest room whenever loved ones are visiting.

The added bonus to having a sofa bed for guests is that it may not just be family that’s coming over, but sleepovers! The kids have friends coming over from time to time, as well, and having a sofa bed means cozy sleepovers in front of a big screen T.V.! That’s perfect for visiting kids and makes everyone happy.

If the family can’t decide between a sofa bed and a couch, however, there is another option to consider: get both! For living rooms that are large enough, one can have two couches or there are sectionals that have sofa beds in them, as well!

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