Tips On Packing Fragile Items When Moving

Whether you’re packing your favorite china set of dishes or your precious antiques, always be extra careful. You can be either packing them for later use, or because you’re moving, there are a few tricks and tips to help you keep your fragile items safe during transport or storage. Packing precious items shouldn’t be a quick wrap, and you’re all set. You should take the time and extra effort to keep them in good condition which will pay off later on so they can still be of use to you and pass them on to your children.

Safeguarding your fragile items can be tricky, but these tips can help you make the job easier:

  1. Use Quality Materials

Don’t use cheap boxes that can easily wear out when stored for too long. Skip the free grocery boxes made of low-quality materials. When it comes to your delicates, you should be able to provide standard boxes that can last even after being stored for so long. If you’re hiring a moving agency like Bill Removalists Sydney, here is their link, you can ask them to bring extra boxes for your fragile items. They can also provide you with boxes specially made for dishes, vases, wine glasses, etc.

  1. Wrap Carefully

Wrap your items individually and carefully. Please wrap them individually to keep them from scratching up against each other. Place barriers in between to keep them in place. You can use paper to wrap your dishes and glasses when moving, but it’s not advisable if you’re wrapping them with the paper if it’s for storing them for a long time. Ink on paper can rub off on your dishes and cause hard to remove stains. A better option is the use of bubble wrap and linen when keeping them stored for a long time.

  1. Put Them Together

Stack your dishes properly in your boxes; it can be a little tricky if you have unusually shaped dishes. You can pack them together but do not cram your dishes when there is still space for it. Please fill empty spaces with packing material. Stack your dishes from large to small items. Large items go under like plates smaller items go on top like saucers and bowls. You can also pack them vertically, means standing on their edges, to reduce stress on plates at the bottom.

  1. Proper Labeling

Never forget to label your boxes, especially boxes with fragile items. Place labels on every side of the box and as much label as possible. Make sure that you instruct removalists Chatswood from Bill Removalists Sydney that your fragile items should be taken extra care of. If you’re storing your fragile items after moving, avoid putting it on stacks of boxes. Let it stand alone; putting it at the bottom can cause items to break from pressure, putting it on top can cause it to fall.

Final Word

Moving is already stressful as it is; no one would want to lose important items during moving day. Always be cautious with your items when moving and packing them. Get the right supplies and follow these steps when packing your dishes properly. You wouldn’t want your dinner in your new home be fancy with the use of disposable utensils and plates.

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