Beautiful interior paints can outshine the whole look of your home

A beautiful room with a perfectly designed interior sounds amazing. People in Maui are always looking up for the new and trending ideas to design their rooms and decorate it. To help you get your desired designs you can hire 97 Painting Maui. They excel in both interior and exterior designing and can help you to get your desired results.

Top trending interior paints that you can go for

Dark green – these are basically known as night watch. This is the rich hunter hue of green which brings in the healing power of nature. You can set the foundation of your home strong by this deep green color. It is best suited for the rooms which are larger and have proper lighting. Avoid using this color in small rooms as it will make it look more compact. 

Muted pastel – these colors are chalky in muted tones that give a sophisticated look to your interiors. These colors can be blended with any theme and can never go wrong in terms of their looks. These colors are perfect for the small rooms as the light colors give the open feeling and make the room look big. These colors are perfect for the bathrooms and kitchens and will look best with the marble backsplash. 

Mustard – these colors pop out instantly giving your home a trendy look. These are the best alternatives of gold colors and create a rich accent for your walls. This color is best for highlighting your home decors. It will look best when added with beautiful frames on the walls. 

There are different types of paints that you can consider getting. If you have kids in your home then you can go for oil paints as they are easy to clean if the child scribbles on the wall, which is very common.

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