5 Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

The foundation is the most important part of our homes. That’s why foundation repairs and upgrades usually cost more than other remodeling jobs. To keep your home healthy and to avoid expensive projects, you should do regular inspections.

Additionally, you should make sure that you possess the adequate equipment. This includes proper basement waterproofing, gutters, roofs and downspouts. All of these 4 works together to keep your foundation intact.

If only one of them starts doing something wrong, your entire foundation is going to be compromised. When you start suspecting trouble, immediately ask for professional help.

To know how to recognize foundation problems, here are the 5 most common warning signs:

  1. Cracks

The easiest way to identify trouble is to simply look at your foundation. You should thoroughly inspect every corner, both from the inside and the outside. Some cracks aren’t sign of foundation trouble, but of leaky piping and broken water appliances.

The difference between foundation cracks and regular ones is that the former are larger and usually create a zigzag pattern. However, they can sometimes be vertical and horizontal so if you find some, it might be best to have them checked by a professional.

  1. Water Damage

The most common reason for foundation problems is excess water. When the drainage systems aren’t doing their job right, water finds weak spots in our home and uses them to enter inside. No matter how strong we think concrete is, it’s still extremely vulnerable to water pressure.

Water damage starts with moisture and damp spots in walls. It ends up with massive leaks and floods. To prevent the ultimate worst-case scenario, schedule checkups and repairs as soon as you spot moisture and water stains on your walls.

  1. Gaps

Another thing, foundation is vulnerable to are soil movements. When the ground beneath your home dries out, it starts to expand. However, the entire ground doesn’t move in one direction, instead one part moves to the right, one to the left etc.

These strong opposing forces can damage your foundation since it is stuck right in the middle of the entire situation. This is when gaps between floors, walls and ceilings occur. To find out whether you are facing this issue, check for gaps both in the interior and the exterior.

  1. Warped Ceiling

When the foundation is in trouble, the entire home suffers the consequences. Warped ceilings or saggy floors can be noticed during severe foundation problems. You need to immediately contact professional services if you notice this rare occurrence in your home.

If the sagginess isn’t that obvious (yet), use a simple method to find out the truth. Put a tennis ball on the ground. If it moves quickly throughout the room, you have an uneven floor. If it stays still, you might not have to call the professionals after all.

  1. Damaged Windows

There are tons of signs for damaged windows. One of them is looseness. However, sometimes when the windows become loose or to tight, it isn’t its fault at all. Foundation trouble can make window and door fitting literally impossible.

If you have noticed such issues, compare the signs of window damage with those of foundation damage. You can also contact experts and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Whatever the scenario, make sure you address the issues as soon as possible.

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