Backyard Features That Boost Your Home’s Value

If there is a possibility that you will be selling your home in the future, you should always think about how you could maximize its value. Nowadays, backyards are a massive selling point. After all, people want nothing more than a tranquil sanctuary to relax in after a hectic workweek. This means that devoting some attention to your outdoor space and investing in some upgrades could be a smart idea. Not all upgrades are equally worth it, though. Here are some of those backyard features that will pay you back generously.

Plant a tree

An inexpensive backyard feature you can implement with little investment is planting a tree. Trees can become a landmark among properties. Some good-looking greenery is also always welcome. But a well-placed tree actually has many more benefits. It provides natural shade, making the backyard more enjoyable, and can even save you some money in cooling bills if your home is also shielded from the sun. The only downside to this project is that it’s by no means instant. Plant a tree now to reap the benefits years later.

Build a deck or patio

Today, a yard is more than just a yard. If it’s done right, it can be an outdoor living space, the main hub of social activity. Therefore, a pleasant outdoor living space is a desirable property feature that can boost your home’s value. If you still don’t have a deck or patio, it is highly recommended that you construct one. However, make sure it does not completely overtake the outdoor space. Buyers are not fond of large expanses of concrete so use natural-looking pavers for your patio and leave plenty of green areas.

Add a fire pit

If your yard already has most of the essentials but you want to spice it up a little, adding a fire pit can be a lucrative idea. Permanently placed fire pits naturally cost more than mobile ones but they also have a fair return on investment since they have a great appeal for buyers. However, there are a few considerations to take into account before this project. You have to make sure fire pits are allowed in your community and ensure a safe environment for this feature.

Construct an outdoor kitchen

You can stop at a fire pit or you can go as far as installing a whole outdoor kitchen. According to reports, outdoor kitchens have skyrocketed in popularity last year, when the pandemic kept much of the population at home. A feature like this allows buyers to imagine a completely different lifestyle, which makes the property much more attractive. Still, outdoor kitchens are complicated and expensive to install, and they need to be done by professionals.

Install sun protection

A simple way to make your outdoor space more useable and thereby add more value to it is by installing appropriate sun protection. Backyards can get unbearably hot in the summer, especially in more scorching areas, so this is a must. The good news is that there are countless ways to bring shade into your space so you can certainly find one that fits your backyard’s aesthetic. For instance, to get that rural aesthetic, a gazebo is a wonderful choice. For an airy vibe, a pergola will work great. If you have a larger deck or patio to cover, modern aluminium louvres will be a solid choice.

Refresh the landscape

When spending time outdoors, people love to be among greenery. Working on your landscaping can thus reap you great rewards: the appropriate landscaping can boost your property value by quite a lot. So, start by clearing any overgrown areas that don’t look great. Steer clear of the temptation of artificial turf since this tends to turn buyers off. Instead, sow new grass and ensure that your lawn is always in great shape by installing an automatic sprinkler system. Bring more colour into your outdoor space by planting new flowers and create a true outdoor oasis. Making sure your landscaping is well-maintained will also send the message that the rest of the home is well-maintained, too.

Add attractive lighting

Finally, a feature that is both practical and boosts the value of your property is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting will not only help you present your property in the best light possible, but it will also make the area more functional since it will be useable after dark as well. Start by placing solar lights across your landscaping to highlight the design. Consider getting lighting properly installed for your outdoor living area, since this space will need a bit more illumination. However, keep in mind that harsh lights are not recommended. Not only will they draw bugs but they might also ruin the peaceful atmosphere.

When trying to add value to your home, keep in mind that adding features that require a lot of maintenance can turn off buyers, no matter how upscale they look. Another good idea is to look into cheap light companies that offer solar lighting alternatives. They will not only add to your home’s value but also help you lower your power bill. Strive for upgrades that make one’s lifestyle more convenient, and you can’t go wrong. Hopefully, you will find inspiration among the previously mentioned ideas.

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