Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Relocation Company for Your Facilities Relocation


When it comes to relocating their facilities, businesses typically cite one or more of the five common reasons. These include workforce or labor issues, the wish to reach new markets, the necessity to upgrade equipment and/or facilities, the desire to increase cash flow or lower costs, and considerations related to the quality of life.

Whether it’s the need for a workforce or the desire to upgrade facilities, relocating your facilities is easier said than done. It’s typical for businesses to start in a small facility and then move into bigger and better locations. 

However, such a relocation requires a lot of careful consideration and planning. Moreover, it requires the experience and skills of a commercial moving company. Whether you’re in California or Texas, business relocation is extraordinarily difficult to achieve without the help of a full-service moving company.

Even if you think you can manage to relocate without hiring professional movers, there are a lot of hurdles in doing so. For instance, your relocation is most likely not going to be on schedule. What’s more, your valuable equipment may also be damaged or lost.

Let’s suppose you do end up moving to your new location on time, and with everything intact, it’ll still take you quite a while to get everything up and running. In short, the benefits of hiring a commercial relocation company far outweigh the cost of service and potential losses.

With that said, let’s take a look at exactly what benefits you’ll get if you hire a professional moving company for your facilities relocation in San Francisco or anywhere else in the US.

  1. Minimized Business Disruption Time

There’s no denying that moving takes a lot of time and energy. From planning to packing to actually moving everything and then unloading and setting everything up in your new space, there’s simply too much to do.

Regardless of the size of your facilities, you can expect at least some downtime if you’re relocating to a new location. However, with relocation services, you can expect this business disruption and downtime to be minimal.

Moreover, the more resources you dedicate to the relocation process, the more it will affect your business before the move even starts. Dedicating your staff to planning and preparing for the facilities relocation is not a good plan.

On the contrary, if you hire commercial relocation services, whether in Sacramento or San Jose, you can rest assured that if not everything, most of the things will be taken care of by professionals. 

Your employees won’t lose any time trying to do something they have no experience or skills for. Instead, the disruption will be minimal and will only be a few days at maximum, during which the move will occur. 

Moreover, professional movers will ensure that your relocation project stays on schedule. As a result, you can expect them to meet the agreed-upon timeline, and your business disruption will be minimal.

  1. Guarantee That Your Equipment Will Be Moved Safely

When you hire a relocation company, you won’t just be hiring professional movers; you’ll also get trained packers. These professionals have years and years of experience in packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking equipment, much like yours.

As such, you will be benefiting from immense security when it comes to the safe relocation of your facilities. From your office electronics to your office furniture and even industrial equipment, relocation can be handled by these pros.

All your equipment will be packed, loaded, and unloaded under the watchful supervision and experienced hands of the commercial movers. Moreover, they also have the necessary tools to help with such a move. 

Not only do they have packing tools and resources, but they also have the right tools for loading and unloading your equipment from their dedicated transport vehicles. Overall, you’re putting your equipment in the safest hands possible. As a result, you avoid incurring any additional costs of damaged equipment.

  1. Assurance That Everything Arrives At The New Location

Business relocation is a hectic process, and there are so many things to move all at once that it is difficult to keep track of everything. However, professional movers don’t just rely on their memory but have checklists to ensure that everything is being processed properly.

There is supervision throughout the process, and these professional movers will ensure that everything is packed appropriately, as well as loaded and unloaded properly. Moreover, you can also use their experience and skills in unloading and putting everything in place in the new location.

Companies such as Valley Relocation offer MAC services that allow you to do more than simply relocate. MAC services comprise of Moves, Adds, and Changes. In other words, you can ask them for additional services to improve your new location through additions.

This is also crucial if you’re trying to get your new facilities operational as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can get them to put together equipment, cubicles, racks, etc., in the new facility. 

Valley Relocation also offers specialized IT relocation services as well in Sacramento and San Jose. What this means is that you can get your IT department up and running in no time at all. You’ll get professional IT technicians and installers to perform your IT relocation, getting all the services under one roof.

Conclusion: Hire A Full-Service Moving Company For Your Relocation

In short, the benefits of hiring relocation services are far too many to be ignored. You’ll get a smooth and efficient relocation which will give you peace of mind as well as financial benefits to your business such as reduced loss of productivity and minimal downtime.

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