Get Professional Construction Services with Nan Inc

One of the top construction contractors in the state of Hawaii is Nan Inc., which was founded by Patrick Shin. He immigrated to the United States from South Korea, where he was known as Nan Chul Shin. He had always dreamt about moving to the US and had changed his name to adjust to the new culture. He lived in New York in a one-bedroom apartment with his family until he got a scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University. He completed his majors in business administration and then moved to Hawaii, where he spent the next two years working for a construction firm. That’s where his love for construction was born and he wanted to build a better future for Hawaii.

He then decided to become the founder of Nan-Inc. owner and the company was established in 1990. It was a one-man business because he only had one employee by his side when he got started. Three decades later, the company has received a horde of awards and accolades for taking on some of the biggest projects in Hawaii and nearby areas and completing them exceptionally. As a matter of fact, Nan Inc. is now recognized as one of the leading companies in the state of Hawaii and has a strong reputation to go with it. 

Located in Honolulu, Nan Inc. had started small and Patrick Shin hadn’t hesitated in taking on any project that came his way. The first job he got assigned was installing a road sign, but his company has come a long way since then. It has the experience and expertise to take on and deal with some of the most complex and multimillion dollar projects, such as resorts and hotel chains. The company had been established on principles of determined and integrity and they have not shifted their focus, as is obvious from their construction expertise. 

Today, it specializes in preconstruction, general contracting and design-build services and has completed more than 3,000 projects in different aspects of construction, allowing them to get experience in the hospitality industry. Their workforce has also expanded and there are more than 500 employees working for Nan Inc. today. Amongst the projects they have taken on include making renovations and updates to historic sites in the state of Hawaii. They have also helped in the construction of different chain of hotels, such as Hilton, and have also handled numerous government projects as well. 

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