How do I keep my finished basement dry?

Everyone wants to avoid water in the basement. But when it happens, the best solution you have at hand is to opt for professional water damage restoration. This service will help you restore the health of your interior in no time. But before you reach this point, you should know there are some tips on how to keep a finished basement dry. Read on to access our expert tips on the topic!


  1. Make sure your cold water pipes are insulated

Insulation for cold water pipes can save you a lot of trouble in the long term. It is a smart approach since insulation prevents cold water in pipes from freezing. In turn, this decreases the chances of the pipe bursting and the risk of getting water damage in your home.


  1. Pay close attention to your landscaping

Before you ask what has this to do with preventing basement water damage, you should know that landscaping can damage your foundation. And this allows water to accumulate around your foundation. As a result, you can experience serious problems, including water damage and structural modifications. Make sure you check out how water behaves during heavy rains. This will tell you whether or not you need to take additional action to prevent issues.


  1. Consider ventilation and humidity

If you want to keep a basement dry, you should do your best to install ventilation and humidifiers. These will keep moisture at bay while preventing both mold growth and water damage. Experts say that you should avoid drying clothes in your basement. You can also circulate some fresh air via an open window if you have one in your basement.


  1. Verify your downspouts and gutters regularly

Debris can clog your gutters, which allows the water to gather and cause issues. So, if you lack efficient drainage, rainwater can be diverted to your foundation. This can result in water damage and serious structural problems. It is best to maintain your gutters and downspouts throughout the year.

  1. Use a sump pump to prevent your basement from becoming damp

One of the best approaches to keep your basement dry is to install a sump pump. This prevents unwanted moisture and improves air quality. And it can even eliminate any flooding possibility.


This is how to keep a finished basement dry. But did you know there is one extra thing you can do to keep your home safe? Well, basement waterproofing can help you prevent water damage and costly repairs. All you have to do is ask a professional contractor for an assessment, and he will tell you the steps you need to take for basement waterproofing. 

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