How To Make Decoration In Patterns?

This type of decoration mixes geometric shapes and colors and can be subtle or predominant in the environment. Patterns with pattern build color ( สี สร้าง ลาย which is the term in Thai) can be applied from curtains, rugs, and wallpapers to furniture and small objects. It is not easy to standardize them harmonically, but we are here to help you, Come on?

How To Select Sizes And Colors?

Choosing colors is the first thing you should think about before buying the object or painting the wall. First, you need to think about the tones that you want to draw the most attention to in the decoration; these should be used as the main background in the patterns you will choose, especially if it is something wide like a table, curtain, or wall.

The size of the furniture you want to apply the pattern to is also essential. Give preference to patterns with large designs for furniture or larger spaces that will attract more attention, and apply smaller patterns to small items, such as chairs or cushions.

Patterns with more colors and shapes will give more light and life to the environment, while simpler patterns give the feeling of tranquility. If your kitchen is too small, invest in patterns with smaller dimensions, as large ones can make the decor too chaotic.

The type of print also influences; those with a floral pattern or abstract colors soften the decor, while the more geometric ones with circles, lines, and the like, create visual illusions. Vertical lines increase the right foot, and horizontal lines lengthen the division. As there are various furniture, countertops, and various objects in the kitchen, the patterns are welcome as they give life to the monochromatic monotony of the environment.

Mix The Patterns

You can do a mix of different patterns without leaving the environment “loaded” and disharmonious. The main concern here is balance; placing several very different patterns can be visually exaggerated, or choosing very similar patterns make the kitchen too monotonous.

To combine patterns with mastery, it is necessary to think of them so that they share the same visual effect, be it the geometric pattern, shape, or color. For example, if you chose a pattern with drawn circles, combine it with some opposite, rectangular, or triangular.

An essential tip is to choose patterns with the same background color, preferably neutral, or to repeat at least one color in each pattern, so one point will pull the other, and everything will be more visually pleasing.

To add contrast, superimpose one-color cushions or chair covers or frames with a smooth frame on the walls where patterns are used.

Putting carpets on the spot can also be a good option because they can be invested in several different textures, colored or tone on tone, and the best part is that you can change them whenever you want.

The accessories and tiles can also and should be placed as a decorative point in the kitchen, especially if they are colored in plain tones, contrasting with the other prints, except for the tiles when the prints are well-chosen, look beautiful in front of the sink wall. It is possible to place books, bowls, bowls, or other decorative cups, boxes, and depending on the decoration style, even pots and pans can be part of the compost.

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