Ideal Granny Flat Designs

You may own a home with an outdoor shed or garage that does not currently serve any purpose. With space becoming precious, you can put it to good use by converting the same to a spacious granny flat. It can be termed to be some miniature house which is fast becoming a popular structure in most houses. The reason is that it allows using valuable space wisely. You also get to save on rental amount which otherwise you need to pay for renting out a space. You can take help of the Granny flats mornington peninsula company who can execute your plans perfectly.

Creating the structure

You may consider attaching the second dwelling to your house or have it separated. Property owners prefer to construct the same as an independent structure. This way, it is not likely to disrupt in any manner the original house. Otherwise, it will only involve a good amount for renovation.

Not meant only for grannies

According to the Granny flats mornington peninsula company experts, ‘granny flats’ can be used to serve various purposes. Generally, children construct a separate and spacious living space for their disabled or ageing parents. This way, the latter can enjoy a great amount of independence and at the same time have the comfort of staying with the family. Also, they don’t have to live in separate property, but be inside their family property. It allows them to get assistance and company from their family members that they long for in this age.

Creative use

People these days are getting creative when it comes to constructing granny flats. Many prefer to use it as a space to pursue their hobbies such as building things or making crafts as in a workshop. Others convert it into a home office that has become the popular work style since the Covid pandemic. Some rent it out to others to earn a decent amount that can go into their retirement savings or meet household expenses. Whatever be it, consulting the leading Granny flats mornington peninsula company will help derive the best results.


You may have this question in mind as to how these spaces appear like. Designs for such spaces might vary immensely from one place to the other. This again is based on the purpose that it is to serve. Generally, it is much smaller when compared to the original house. Granny flats mornington peninsula company professionals will help you with the measurements, designs based on your requirements.

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