Important Features Associated With Self-Storage Unit Facilities

Today a large number of individuals and businesses utilise the self-storage facilities provided by storage providing firms. While there are many diverse reasons associated which prompt people to opt for these facilities, some of the popular ones are:

  • Need to store excess inventory,
  • Adding onto an existing business or even a business undergoing remodelling,
  • Need to remove clutter both from homes and offices,
  • Moving either from one city to another or one apartment to another,
  • Staying away from homes for a considerable length of time.

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Self-storage unit features

Some of the features which every customer needs to check out before hiring a storage providing firm are:

  • Security: This is the biggest factor which influences the choice of the self-storage unit provider. Irrespective of the type of items that are to be put into storage, it is mandatory that the self-storage facility provide ample security for them in form of:
    • Individual door alarms and locks: While each self-storage unit should have its own door for entry and exit, the door should also be fitted with alarms so that any attempted unauthorised entry immediately alerts the staff and break-ins, attempted thefts etc., can be averted.
    • CCTV surveillance: Facilities equipped with 24×7 CCTV surveillance offer much better visibility of the environment and it also becomes easier to identify and notify suspicious activities that might take place within the perimeter of the facilities.
    • Boundary with pass-code protected entry gates: Another very effective way to eliminate the possibility of unauthorised entry is to fence the whole area with barbed wire and allow entry of only authorised personnel into the storage facilities. This can be effected by ensuring pass-code protected entry gates with only a handful trusted security personnel knowing the pass-code.
    • Lighting: The need for ample lighting both inside and outside the self-storage facilities stems from the fact that it protects both clients and employees when it becomes dark outside and also acts as a deterrent for intruders who shy away from forcefully entering the premises from fear of getting caught.
  • Specialised storage units: There are many storage items which are sensitive to changes in the weather and climate. These need special protection in the form of climate-controlled storage or breathable storage units so that:
    • Memorabilia and fragile goods are kept away from the dampness of the basement,
    • Furniture warping is prevented,
    • Books, paperwork and other sensitive documents stay protected from damage,
    • Chemicals present in metallic items do not react and become rusted or change colour etc.
  • Customer Service and good office communication: Storage units are generally used so that things can be stored away from homes and business establishments. Thus storage facility providers need to have a strong customer service, one which is able to come to the aid of their clients even after working hours. They should also be able to attend to the queries of their clients and answer any questions that the customer’s may have. Providing good office communication like computer access, Wi-Fi connectivity, fax machines etc., so that customers are able to easily get in touch with the self-storage provider, is mandatory for ensuring smooth functioning and offering hassle-free services to their clients.
  • Additional services: There are a number of others services offered by these self-storage service providers which help to reduce the stress of their clients especially when moving from one place to another. These services should be given at no extra cost and should be included in the package. Some of the services include:
    • Flexibility of collection schedules,
    • Free transportation for transfer of the items to be stored from homes or business establishments to the self-storage units,
    • Discounts on the process of packing boxes and other moving supplies etc.

Thus in order to be able to ascertain that the storage facilities chosen would be appropriate, it is very important for individuals and concerned businesses to understand their own requirements. This is because storage facilities offer them a number of different choices and unique features such as security, different storage sizes and even different methods of preservation of the things that need to be stored. Hence the choice needs to be made wisely.