Marble tiles, their advantages and disadvantages:

One of the most famous tiles in the tile industry is marble tiles. When it comes to flooring, the first thing that instantly clicks to the mind is marble. It instantly changes the overall look so if you are looking to add immediate beauty to your space, go for marble tiles. There are different shades of white in marble tiles with different patterns. You will never get tired of them. It’s a fact that marble tiles are costlier than other simple tiles. They also require timely maintenance to retain their flawless look. Budget bounded customers usually desire to take marble tiles but can’t afford it or use it for decorative purposes in a small area. One of the biggest disadvantages of marble tiles is they are not stain-resistant. If you have a toddler at home, then it might be a bit risky to maintain the beauty of those tiles.

Limestone tiles, their advantages and disadvantages:

Now when it comes to Limestone tile, it is mostly used for walls. It is made up of natural stones. You can give your house a decent and clumsy look with limestone tiles. Most of the cold regions use limestone tile to cover all firehouses in them. It gives comfort and a cozy feeling. Most of the interior designers use limestone if their customers need a very homely look. These types of designs can be defined as a natural look. You can bring out the touch of history with some historical designs available in them. One of the biggest advantages of limestone is that it could be easily transformed into any shape of your choice. They are extremely durable. One thing you should keep in mind while purchasing limestone tile for your wall that it should stick very properly. It is a type of rock. It needs a proper ceiling to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

From where you can get best quality vinyl tiles:

Vinyl tiles are also known as rubber tiles. Vinyl tiles are in trend nowadays and are considered as the top selling material of the era.If you are looking for the vinyl floor on tiles[ปูกระเบื้องยางทับกระเบื้อง, which is the term in Thai]  visit Rainbow Decor expert website in order to get a beautiful pattern of your choice.

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