Modern Coffee Tables: The Centrepiece Of Your Living Room

The oft-overlooked coffee table plays a key role in creating living room spaces that are comfortable and inviting. Coffee tables are often placed in the centre of the living room to make it easily accessible from the seating spaces, aka sofas, chairs and armchairs placed in the living room. Besides adding to the room’s decor, the Wakefit coffee table has the practical purpose of providing a spot to place your drinks, snacks, magazines, a plant or two, coffee table books and plenty of other things as well. A wooden coffee table reflects the personality of the homeowner. So think twice before you choose one for your living room. Fortunately, this article has plenty of ideas and tips to help you out in this arena.

According to experts in the interior decor industry, the ideal coffee table needs to be proportionate to the couch. It needs to be about one-half of the length of the couch and never longer than the couch. The perfect length of a coffee table is around three-fourth or two-third of the couch length. Now that you know about the length of the coffee table, the next item on the agenda is the height. The ideal height is about the height of your sofa seat, except for one or two inches. A table lower or higher than that defeats the purpose of being accessible from the couch.

Different Types Of Coffee Tables

Just like there are several different sofa sets online, you will also come across coffee tables of all shapes and sizes. Choosing one might become a confusing task. According to the experts, sticking to a rectangular or oval-shaped coffee table is recommended if you have a traditional sofa. At the same time, a square or round shaped coffee table goes well with a sectional sofa. However, you can still bend the rules and make it work if you have fallen in love with a particular coffee table.

  • Oval Coffee Tables

These are perfectly in harmony with form and function. They allow you to move around it without difficulty and offer plenty of tabletop surfaces to store or place things. Oval coffee tables are a huge hit among parents since there are no sharp edges or corners.

  • Rectangular Coffee Tables

Rectangular coffee tables have been around for hundreds of years. They offer the most tabletop surface compared to other types of coffee tables. You often see them in formal and casual living room spaces.

  • Round Coffee Tables

Round coffee tables are apt for relaxed and casual living rooms. It offers plenty of space for serving beverages and snacks when you have friends or family over. It also provides a great place for a game night with friends. Just add a couple of bean bags, and you have a party on!

  • Square Coffee Tables

If you prefer symmetry, square-shaped coffee tables are probably more your forte. However, you can also find models underneath storage space handy for storing clutter out of sight.

Coffee tables are made from different materials as well.  Some common and popular variants include wood, metal, glass, brass, and even marble. Marble coffee tables are most sought after. Unfortunately, their prohibitive prices can make it a bit difficult for most of the general public. However, there are plenty of other coffee table designs that are just as attractive and elegant.  

Brass coffee tables are a great addition to your living room if your living room style is vintage. You can score authentic brass tables in thrift stores or even online. While glass coffee tables look appealing, they can be dangerous if you have young kids or pets at home. Wooden coffee tables seem to be the most popular option when it comes to class and style. You can find wooden tables in plenty of interesting designs. Reliable sellers like Wakefit offer good-quality wooden coffee tables at pocket-friendly prices.

You can also opt for unusual pieces of furniture as your coffee table. A vintage trunk or a chest of drawers can be turned into a coffee table easily. If you prefer to have a coffee table that is the centre of the conversation, resin poured wooden coffee tables are a perfect choice. Made to order, these tables often depict beautiful scenes from nature and are a piece of art in itself.

If you want to create more of an informal space where your friends and family can hang out together, the ottoman can double as a coffee table as well. This works especially well if you are trying to create a living room space on a small budget. Nesting coffee tables comprise a group of usually three tables of different heights and sizes. You can store them underneath each other and take them out when required. These tables can be placed around the living room when you need them.

If none of these coffee table options seems to have spiked your interest, how about free form tables? These tables do not have a specific shape and are made from live edge teak. Sometimes they also come with a glass top for function.

With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find a coffee table that will seamlessly integrate with your living room space. Remember that balance is key. If you have a large living room, you can also opt for more than one coffee table as long as the placement is ideal. If you have a neutral living room decor, the coffee table can offer the much-needed pop of colour as well. The coffee table is a key piece among the list of furniture for the living room. So take your time and look around online and browse local shops before making your decision. After all, the coffee table you choose has a lot to say about your personality to anyone who visits your home. So make sure you pick one that is the perfect reflection of you. It is time to find the perfect centrepiece for your living room.