The Types Of Building Bricks You Should Know

If you thought that any brick worked to build a structure, you are wrong. Here we describe each of the different types of building bricks and the use of each, do not improvise. We offer you the materials and guide you through the arduous construction process.

To begin, you should know that each of the types of building bricks have different capacities in terms of duration and strength , everything will depend on the material used in its manufacture.


This is one of the most used types of bricks, since for many years they have become popular in the construction of rustic, rustic houses and in single-level buildings. These bricks created from sun-dried mud, have high thermal capacity , however, it is weak in terms of resistance, needing other materials or technologies to ensure a home.

Solid Brick

These bricks are specially constructed in an extruded or pressed way, making their dimensions and appearance uniform and exact .

Baked Clay Brick

These types of building bricks are created with earth and then subjected to the heat of special furnaces. Although its use is mostly handmade , it is also used in buildings.

Edge Perforated Brick

These bricks are currently created with lightweight materials such as polystyrene or technopor, which expand when the formwork is made with the help of reinforced concrete, this is how it is possible to assemble partitions and ceilings. Their common use in ceilings is due to their lightness and Brick block price (ราคา อิฐบล็อก ,which is the term in Thai).

Perforated Ground Brick

Unlike common clay bricks, this type of construction brick has holes to allow the entry of concrete or mortar , which helps to give more support to the walls.

Solid Brick With Bowl

They are also known as bricks with recess, which makes them ideal for use with mortar, to join partitions with sores or that have thin joints . These are the types of construction bricks most used, our recommendation is that you opt for baked bricks and preferably with perforations. Although we do not dismiss the adobe, especially when it comes to rural houses since there are many models, only if we suggest you use other techniques, knowledge and materials that provide greater security such as cables, steel meshes and wooden joints.

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