Types of dining chairs

Chairs with arm:   a chair with backrest and with armrests is inevitably related to the classic style . Any material is good for this type of chairs: either metal or wood or, Molded plastic chairs(เก้าอี้ พลาสติก which is the term in Thai), conversely or completely upholstered. They are usually used for dining tables that are taller than usual to allow them to square.

Chairs without arms:   or also called side chairs. This type is usually the most appropriate for dining tables so that they do not stop with the table .

Upholstered chairs: in this case, they follow the same design as the side chairs, but completely upholstered both the seat and the backrest. It shows fine and elegant lines that offer a very clean and simple design .

In addition, when choosing chairs you have to take into account some factors such as these two that we mentioned below:

Backrest: varies a chair a lot depending on its backrest. The chairs that opt ​​for one of greater height favor the posture and also a very glamorous and traditional design. The lower back chairs help generate a feeling of greater amplitude and are more contemporary in style.

Legs: pay attention to this detail and try to combine it with your dining room table . There are different shapes, styles and materials of legs: thin, wide, with shapes, of a single central leg, of metal, wood … From Demarques we advise you to choose the one that is more functional and practical for your day to day.

As for styles, a wide range of options addresses us. Then, you can read and learn about the particularities of some of the most prominent:

Vintage style chairs

Features: the  chairs vintage style betting on colors worn . It is quite common to find vintage chairs with backrests that draw straight lines or curved shapes .

Decoration keys: Bet on using chairs of different colors around the  dining room table to reinforce the vintage spirit.

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