What Are Common Problems With Boilers?

It is likely that your boilers will be idle for the majority of the summer. However, as the colder months draw closer to us, you may need to use your boilers to heat water for bathing and other activities. Sadly, your boiler may start malfunctioning; thereby, forcing you to look for a professional to offer you first-rate boiler service.

Before hiring anyone for boiler service, you should note the common problems that your boilers can have.

  1. Unusual noises

Can you hear your boiler gurgling, banging, rumbling, whistling or making any other strange noises? This may be telling you that your boiler has a problem. This usually happens when air has moved into the system. In some cases, kettling or excessively low water pressure is the culprit.

  1. Lack of heat or hot water

The main function of a boiler is to heat water, so if it is not doing, there is obviously an issue. In some cases, hot water may be intermittent. Low water levels, damaged airlock and diaphragms, a faulty thermostat, and broken motorized valves are the usual causes of this problem. After noticing this problem, check out the boiler to see if the thermostat or boiler pressure is the one having a problem. Whether you detect the issue or not, do not hesitate to get in touch with a registered engineer to handle it.

  1. Low boiler pressure

The boiler pressure is often written on the boiler gauge, so take a look at the gauge to see if the pressure is too low or not. If the central heating system is malfunctioning, the boiler pressure will fall below 1. Some of the common causes of low boiler pressure are recently bled radiators, faulty pressure relief valve, and leaky system. If the cause is a mechanical problem, you need a boiler service.

  1. Boiler switching off on its own

This common problem is usually associated with low boiler pressure. Otherwise, the system might have been blocked; hence, the flow of water is temporarily restricted. The faulty pump is another possible cause. In the case of low boiler pressure, you can re-pressurize the boiler. However, you need the services of a boiler specialist to deal with the other issues.

  1. Thermostat going on and off

If the thermostat is going on and off, it might just be too old, malfunctioning, worn-out or overused. Whatever the case may be, you only have to replace it with a new one. Nevertheless, the thermostat could have this problem if the warmness of your residence is higher than what you think. In a bid to keep your home at the pre-determined temperature, the thermostat will continue going on and off. Fortunately, this problem is easy to deal with as you only have to increase the temperature to the level you want.

Other common problems of a boiler include leaking and dripping, unreliable pilot light, frozen condensate pipes, and radiators not heating up. Whatever is causing these problems, look for a Gas-Safe engineer that can provide reliable and long-lasting boiler service.