What questions should I ask the window installer?

Windows and doors are crucial components of a home. Consequently, when planning to replace them, you must ask certain questions from the windows and doors companies you want to hire to ensure that you get the best services and value possible for your money. If you are looking for the right question to ask the window installer to hire, read further cod helpful tips.

  1. Ask Question Regarding the Installers’ Experience

Nothing compares to experience when choosing windows and doors companies to hire for your project. As a result, ask the installer how long they have been in the business and the types of window replacements they specialize in. Request for their certificates and samples of past work. It will be great if they can provide pictures of past work or references you can phone to ask a few questions. 

  1. Ask Questions about Installation Cost

There are several windows and doors companies offering free estimates o homeowners. However, you need to ask your installer if they will provide you with an estimate free of charge or there is a fee for it. Request for how much your project will cost. Similarly, ask the installer if they handle both interior and exterior trim or finishes and if they are captured in the installation package. However, keep in mind to ask what the payment terms are such as up-front or installment payments. 

  1. Questions Regarding Installation Process 

The installer should provide you with a realistic project timeline, considering the weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Ask the installer the likely length of time the installation will take, and if the weather can affect the expected completion time. Besides, ask the installer how your home will be protected against dust and how they hope everything to clean your home after project completion. 

  1. Ask If there are Warranties

It is essential that the installer you will choose offers warranties. Keep in mind that some windows and doors companies require that some windows and doors companies require that certified installers should install their products; else, the warranties will be void. As a result, verify that the installer is certified. Besides, ask the installer if there are any warranties provided to take care of any issues after installation without an additional cost to you. 


The window installation process in your home is crucial to both its aesthetics and functionalities. As a result, choose the perfect and most reputable among the available windows and doors companies in your neighborhood. Ask those questions to have peace of mind and assurance of a great quality job.