3 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Car Lockouts

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A car key is very tiny; but it is of immense importance. This is realised when you lose it at home or office, or it’s broken inside the car lock when you hurriedly insert and twist it.

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By being just a little more careful, you can avoid parting with your dear little car key. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Double Check and Having Spare Keys

When you realise that you have lost your car key, the first thing you should do is to calm yourself down. Then ask yourself, whether you have a spare key.

Spare keys are an integral part of any key-lock system. They are life-savers when the original key is lost or compromised.  If you don’t have one, make it a point to make one after your current problem is over.

Some car owners do have spare keys, but they forget them inside the car. Most of the times, the place is glove box where many other valuables are also stored.

Having spare keys inside the car doesn’t worsen your trouble since you still have a chance to get them out of the car without too much of work.

Most cars lock all the doors at the same time when the lock button is pressed; however, in case of some older models, only the door on driver’s side is locked.

Several people are unaware of this fact and even if it otherwise may leave your vehicle vulnerable to theft, it may be a life-saver in this frustrating situation.

So, you should first calm yourself down and make sure you check all the doors are locked or not. Even if only one of them is open, you can get in the car and access your spare keys.

If that is not the case, check if you can enter your car through its trunk. This is more common for modern cars that have foldable back seats that allow you to enter the car.

But when all of these fail, you have to take help of a professional like the auto or residential locksmith by Locksmith Sydney.

2. Ask for Professional Help

In some other instances, you can use certain tricks to get inside your car with tools like a coat hanger.

However, when your car is retrofitted with an amazing security system that prevents thieves from gaining an entry in it, you too are prevented from entering it.

Or your hands may just not have that skill of making efficient use of available tools.

In such a situation, it’s best to call for professional help such as services for car lockouts from Locksmith Sydney.

An auto locksmith can take you out of your problem, whether you may need a spare key along with your car being unlocked for you or you just need the door to be opened to get your key or spare key.

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3. Some More Tips

  • See if you can wear your spare keys anywhere on your body, e.g. as a pendant in your necklace or any other jewellery, so that wherever you are in or out of your car, you have an access to them.
  • Another way is to have multiple copies of your car key and place them in two places where you spend most of your time.

Follow these easy tips and you won’t have to face the frustrating car lockouts.

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