5 Quick Fixes for Window Condensation

Window condensation is the sweating of the window. It is usually caused by differences in the temperature inside the home and outside. When your windows become foggy, you would not be able to see clearly. And if the condensation happens within the panes of your windows, the condensation may be permanent. However, there are some quick fixes for window condensation that you should know when your windows become foggy. Here are five quick solutions to window condensation.

1. Turn on Dehumidifier

Excess moisture or humidity in your home is one of the reasons for window condensation. Turn on a dehumidifier that will remove the excess moisture in your home, and the fogginess on your window will clear off within a few hours. Place the dehumidifier close to the windows with the condensation. This is the first step towards clearing your windows of condensation.

2. Open Your Windows

Another quick fix to window condensation is by opening the windows in the affected rooms. The moisture in the room will escape through the window, and the condensation will clear off within a short time. You can close the windows, and the condensation gas disappeared.

3. Move Plants Outside

If you have houseplants in your home, the chances of having window condensation issues are high. Meanwhile, you can solve the foggy problem by taking the houseplants outside the house. Continuously keeping the plants indoor will aggravate the window condensation issue in your home. Move the plants outside and see the changes within a couple of hours.

4. Turn on Bathroom Fans

Showering usually creates more moisture in the house. As a result, you will have window condensation issues. However, turning on the fans in the bathroom when you are taking a shower will let out excess humidity, and your windows will be free from condensation. If you forgot to turn on the fan and your windows are foggy, immediately you notice the issues turn on the fans.

5. Window Replacement

If you continue to experience window condensation in your home, window replacement is the perfect solution for you. Upgrade the windows in your home from single-pane windows to double-pane windows. Argon gas or other elements can be installed within the panes for insulation and energy efficiency. Your home will also be free from window condensation. Start a window replacement project today to ensure full energy efficiency in the coming winter.

The above tips are the solutions to wind condensation in your home. However, with additional benefits that window replacement offers a window replacement project is the best way to fix window condensation.

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