Costing for your modular kitchen: Understanding the factors!

Your home deserves a modular kitchen for better storage and aesthetic appeal. It’s a common myth that only those with huge resources can afford a modular kitchen. Apt planning can help you keep the budget in check. As far as modular kitchen cost is concerned, it depends on several factors. In this post, we are decoding all you must know about doing things in your budget.

Things that influence the costing

  1. Both engineered wood and plywood are popular choices.
  2. Can be granite, quartz, marble, or other natural stones.
  3. Extensive cabinetry can add to the cost.
  4. Few laminates and acrylic finishes can be more expensive.
  5. Built-in appliances are trending at the moment.

Inclusions such as electrical fittings, flooring, plumbing work can also add to the costs.

How to reduce the expenses?

We strongly suggest that you don’t make compromises on the materials, no matter the countertop or cabinetry. A good way to work around the budget is by hiring a reliable installer. Installation companies can offer suggestions on how you can keep the costs in check. If you don’t have a big budget, avoid things like expensive light fittings and built-in appliances. As for the cabinets, a few extra modules won’t really hurt the pocket, but if you choose to customize things further, the costs may add up. It is always best to go for a ready design for your modular kitchen in a small budget.

Know the practical aspects

A modular kitchen is not just about design and function, but also about maintenance and subsequent repairs. Make sure that you are aware of the maintenance needs of your investment. For example, white marble countertops are prone to staining and will have to be professionally cleaned after the first couple of years. Similarly, cheap MDF or engineered wood is not great for cabinets that have to bear good amount of weight. When you hire an installer, make sure that they explain the pros and cons of all materials in consideration. Secondly, check if the modular kitchen will make sense in the next couple of years. For instance, you may choose to move homes in a year. In such cases, the additional investment will be of no use.

Final word

It is possible to do a modular kitchen in a budget, but again, do your homework. Always go for a design that’s practical and ideal for your home, and don’t shy away from taking design risks, as long as it fits your budget. Also, keep an eye on some of the relevant aspects, such as ventilation and lighting. No kitchen is too small to go the modular way – All you need is a good installer.

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