Finest Choices for the Best Spaces And Furniture Items

Most of us live in newer blocks, but they always have something in common: the small space. The space we have in the bedrooms is what it is and we have no way to change it. But we can, however, deceive the perception. For example, in a small bedroom, mirrored wardrobes with built-in mirrors can give the feeling of spaciousness and light up the room.

If the bedroom ceiling has a beam, place a cabinet under it. Thus, you will have the feeling that the space occupied is smaller than in reality. From meuble calligaris

Built-in wardrobes are a good option for a small bedroom, but if you do not have this option, try using sliding door cabinets that will not snap out of the space and so reduce the number of times you open them.

Bedroom furniture

In the bedroom you also need storage space

In the bedroom you have many things to keep and store, beyond clothes, which find their place in the closet. Therefore, try to choose a high bed, with storage spaces underneath. You will be happy with the choice when the summer comes and you must put aside the thick winter quilt, which would otherwise occupy half of your closet.

A dresser and two bedside tables, with their multitude of drawers, are other elements of the bedroom furniture that will help you store a lot of work clothes that you know you need handy in the bedroom, from chargers to socks and books to tablets, among many others.

How to use light effectively in the bedroom

Natural light compliments any room. Try not to block it by placing any piece of bedroom furniture in front of the windows. As for artificial lighting, in the bedroom you can use ceiling lights, but also lamps placed on bedside tables, for maximum efficiency when reading a book in the evening or waking up in the morning before your partner and you do not want to interrupt his sleep.

Technology should stay out of the bedroom

In the bedroom, we should avoid too much technology, because they disturb our sleep and affect our ability to rest. A TV in the bedroom is not necessarily recommended, but if you must have one, then be a small one.

Otherwise, for all other forms of entertainment, use the living room. In the worst case, a tablet and mobile phone on the bedside table are more than enough, if you’re the kind who has to take a look at the internet before bedtime and read Facebook notifications first thing in the morning.

Kitchen arrangement

The arrival of spring is the ideal reason for any kind of changes, including those related to the interior. You can choose to redecorate your kitchen, adopting a new style. Nowadays, the kitchen is used more for storing food than for the time spent cooking. Limited time does not allow us to waste too much time cooking.

Everyone has become a fan of quick recipes, which means less mess and less time in front of the hob or oven. The kitchen has gradually transformed from the place where you were standing, with an apron on you, sweating that you do not get your recipe in a place of relaxation and socializing where you invite your friends over for coffee. But you need to be specific on the furniture.

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