Signs that means require air duct cleaning service

Cleaning the air ducts is essential to ensure a healthy environment inside the house. If you do not clean the ducts, the air you breathe might have a high concentration of dirt and allergens and thus might cause health issues. It is better to hire professionals for air duct cleaning Franklin TN. Here are some signs that will help you to identify that the duct needs cleaning.

Air filter gets dirty frequently

Air filter helps to prevent the dirt from entering the room. You should clean it every month. But if it gets dirty just within a week, it means you need to clean the ducts. 

Insect or rodent infestation

If you see a rodent or insect near the duct, it can lead to an infestation. So, you should immediately hire a professional for cleaning because they can make their residence in the duct. 

Lower air flow

The air comes through a duct so when the duct is damaged or dirty, it will not blow the air as it did in the past. Over time large obstructions create difficulty so the air can’t blow properly. In such a case, the duct needs immediate cleaning. 

More debris and dirt 

It is normal to see a thin layer of dust on the furniture around your room. But when the duct is cleaned clean for a few months, it will blow cold air with dirt. You will also notice quick dirt deposition in your room. It means it is time to clean the duct. 

Allergy problem

If your family members are sneezing constantly or you feel some allergic problem, it means the ducts are clogged with dirt and debris and need cleaning.

Increased electricity bill

When your duct becomes dirty, it takes more time to cool your room. So, at the month-end you will get a high energy bill, which means you need to clean the air ducts.  

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