Tips For Designing A Garden Deck

A garden decking will define your space, give your house a unique appeal and increase the value of your house. It can be both decorative and functional. Here are some tips for designing your garden deck.

Select a site

Selecting the site is the first thing you should do. You have to choose a place inside your yard and it depends on your purpose of setting up the deck. If you are installing it to spend some time alone then you should put it up in a corner of your yard. If you want the guests to spend some time outdoors after having dinner then you should install it near your house. If you have already planted flowerbeds then you should incorporate them into your design.

The shape of the deck

You should decide on the shape of your deck and it depends on the size you have chosen. The rectangular shape is very common for garden decking. If there are flowerbeds on the site then you can do a curved deck design so that the flowerbeds are set in between the curves naturally. If the place has slopes then you should add layers or steps. Make sure your design matches the layout of your home. You can take advice from the garden decking Wollongong experts.

Choose the materials

Once you have finalized the site and shape of the deck you need to choose the materials. Natural softwood like cedar and redwood are recommended by the garden decking Wollongong professionals. You can get these in bright colors and these materials don’t rot easily. If you are looking for a material that is resistant to insects then you should choose tropical hardwoods like mahogany.


You should have a good drainage system, especially, if there are planters and beds already built-in. You can buy large pots with a drainage hole at the bottom. You can build raised flowerbeds so that the water drains easily.

Build a shade

You should build a shade above the garden deck. During the summer months, it can get hot and the sun may be just above your head when you spend some time on the deck. So, a shade will give you comfort. Even if it rains you can relax on your garden deck. Garden decking Wollongong can build a customized shade for your deck.

The Garden deck can be a lovely place to spend some good time with your family. You need to hire garden decking Wollongong experts to build the perfect garden decking for you.