USB Type-C, The Connector That Will Simplify Your Daily Life

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Smartphone, tablet, laptop… You use these devices all day long, and you, therefore, need to recharge them regularly. Each device has its charger and its connection, so it’s not easy to navigate. Good news, multimedia equipment manufacturers tend to standardize connectors move universal plug price (ปลั๊ก universal ราคา which is the term in Thai): USB type-C becomes the new standard!

USB Type-C: A Universal Connector

Thanks to USB type-C, you will have a single connector for all your devices! It will replace the classic connectors you all know:

  • Power to your computer,
  • USB type-A connectors for your electronic devices,
  • Micro USB for many smartphones,
  • The mini-jack connector to connect your headphones,
  • RJ45 cables for data transmission,
  • HDMI and VGA sockets for transmitting video data.

A Desire For Standardization

In March 2018, the main smartphone manufacturers signed a European charter imposing USB type-C on their products. At a minimum, one of the two ends of the cord delivered with the smartphone must be in type-C.

The Benefits Of USB Type-C

The main advantage is the universality of the connector. A single USB Type-C charger can charge different smartphones, tablets, or other multimedia equipment. This uniformization of the cords also makes it possible to combat the wastage of components.

Due to its symmetrical design, this connector is reversible and therefore facilitates its daily use. This avoids finding the direction of the insertion of the connector but also protects the components against damage due to improper handling during connection.

Charging In USB Type-C: A Need In Any Room In The House

Due to the standardization of the USB type-C format, which will allow you to charge different digital devices, you will soon need more and more compatible charging points and also know the data’s power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ ดาต้า which is the term in Thai) . For example, you may need to charge your smartphone near your bed, your laptop on your desk, your tablet in the kitchen, or near your sofa.

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