Amenities That You Must Have to Boost the Value of Your Rental Property

While looking for a rental apartment, the two crucial qualities that any tenant would look for are comfort and luxury. We all wish to reside in a fully furnished apartment that provides both of these features. Therefore, as a responsible property owner, you need to think from a tenant’s perspective and list out all the vital amenities that one requires and is looking for in an apartment. 

Saying only ultra-luxurious apartments can provide comfort would be wrong. You can provide certain fascinating amenities at a small property too.  To make your apartment a unique one and attract numerous tenants, you must offer the best. Providing what the consumer demands the most will automatically hike up a business’s revenue. Similarly, the more you furnish your rental apartment with required amenities; you will attract more tenants who will even pay high rent too. 

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Top Amenities That Renters Look for: 

Below mentioned are a few crucial amenities that a tenant would want and can increase the overall value of your property too:

  • Go green:

Upgrade your property’s energy-efficiency to attract more tenants. An energy efficient house means a low monthly utility bill. Therefore, make sure to focus on energy saving by using products like energy-efficient light bulbs, additional insulation, etc. You can even add new windows for natural sunlight and air. 

  • Good transportation facility:

Your property may or may not be in that heart of the town. Therefore, make sure the tenants have an easy transportation facility to make your property more desirable. You need to mention in the description about the rental scooters and bikes as an alternative transportation option. 

  • Balcony:

Breathing fresh natural air is what anyone would want after a tiring day. You cannot go out every time you want to relax in nature’s arms. However, a balcony or a private patio can be the best alternative. It will give access to natural sunlight and soothing fresh air. Balcony or private patio is the luxurious part of the house where you can read novels, spend time with your pet, sip coffee with your loved one, or simply relax alone enjoying your “me-time”. 

  • Pet policy:

Having a flexible pet policy can attract a massive number of tenants. Many tenants may want to carry their pets with them to the new house. Hence, mentioning the pet-friendly environment in the rental description will draw the tenant’s attention towards your property. Do not forget to mention if there is any dog park or pet spa services on the premises.

  • Maintained temperate environment:

The seasonal changes bring changes in the temperature as well. Some months are hot and some are cool. Therefore, make sure to provide all the required facilities to the tenant for maintaining the temperature without going through any hardships. Install air conditioners to overcome the hot days and fix fireplaces to keep the apartment warm during winters. 

  • Renovate the property:

An old and outdated house will only deter the potential tenants as nobody likes to live in an old and outdated house. Therefore, to create a more appealing house, recreate the damaged parts of the property, paint the house with new colors, and give a modern touch. 

  • Parking:

We become so impatient when we reach home after a stressful day at work. All we wish is to go home and take a long bath. However, when you reach home and do not find an empty spot to park your car can be very frustrating. Therefore, make sure to allot a particular spot for parking. It can be either a garage or off-street parking. 

  • Laundry: 

Though it does not sound as exciting as the other amenities, it can be a major plus point. Having an in-built washer/dryer is the best solution for the renters to get their laundry done without going out. It will also help in making their overall household work much easier and faster.

  • An updated kitchen:

Most people look for a modern kitchen that includes all the appliances that one requires. Start with adding a dishwasher. We know that not many people like to wash dishes from their hands. Hence, a dishwasher can be a major point in grabbing the renter’s attention. Also, provide granite countertops because they are stunning as well as long-lasting. Stainless steel appliances, farmhouse sinks, energy-efficient models, etc., helps in setting a luxurious kitchen. 

  • TV cable and internet services:

We are the people of the digital era. Technology has become as crucial part of our daily routine. Providing cable connections for TV and internet services is mandatory. Work from home has become so popular these days making people depend on technology. Therefore, make sure to provide cable and high-speed internet service to the tenants for better results. You can also add other high-tech devices, smart controls, etc.

  • Storage:

We do not realize the importance of storage until we need it. Having enough storage area will keep the house organized and free from unnecessary clutter. It also ensures that your belongings are safe and handy. Storage area is the mandatory element in many renter lists. Therefore, ensure to maintain an additional storage space on the premises. 

  • Security:

Other than upgrading your rental elements, you also need to focus on security facilities. Installing CCTV cameras or placing a security guard (human) can bring a sense of safety among the tenants. 

Therefore, despite the size of your property, you can still add value to it by providing the above-mentioned amenities in the rental apartment. 


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