Window blind designs

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Rattan Blinds

Rattan blinds will give a little natural light shine in while delivering some privacy. This blind can be used in a tiny bathroom which is the perfect blend of refined and approachable with a blend of materials and prints.


Classic Shutters

This design can be used in the living room. The classic white shutters complement the monochromatic color and eternal, yet modern style of the sofa and coffee table.


Beyond the Windows

Instead of hanging curtains over the window, create a little oasis by hanging tall curtains in front of a window seat reading nook to have an eye-catching look. 


Folding Screen

A folding screen is one of the most useful decorative blind you can buy. It adds an architectural dimension and pattern to any room. It functions as a window treatment without requiring you to hang anything. Place it strategically and you have a makeshift window treatment ready to attract visitors.


Tie-Up Shades

This can be used in the bathroom with elegance perfected. The tie-up shades really polish the space by giving it a unique look. Try this soft and full-looking window treatment style for a romantic touch.

Roman Shades

If your home already has blinds then make it feel more refined with Roman shades. These shades add a bit of color and block out light for sleeping.


Features of blinds

Fabric and Cleaning

The glare in the room can be reduced by thin, unlined polyester fabric blind panels while still allowing sunlight to pass through. Options available include more tightly woven polyester panels to have privacy with vinyl backings to block the light and create form. 

Polyester blinds can be vacuumed and wet-cleaned with a clean, damp cloth or a mild soap solution as these blinds are made with natural fibers: however, blinds get shrunk, when wet. They need to be dry-cleaned.



Blinds are a great solution whether you need blinds for your living room or for your commercial premises. This makes them a versatile choice because not only are they a functional and attractive choice for living and bedrooms but also they are superb choices for offices and other business uses too.

This is partially due to their suitability for almost all shapes and sizes of windows from floor to ceiling windows that are a feature of a number of office buildings. In fact, these blinds can make a feature of any window and provides a practical means of controlling and taking care of privacy with the amount of light getting through a building. 


Simple Operation

The most obvious advantage is that blinds are extremely easy to use and to the pull cord. By using this device, you can slant your blinds so that they’re completely open, closed, or in a position where they allow a small amount of light to pass through your room. It still ensures your privacy, making them versatile blinds too, so you can position them in a way that suits your needs at any time.

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