Everything I Need To Know Before Moving To A Condo

Large cities continue to grow rapidly; in recent years, there are more and more urban centres with modern condominiums. Which integrate large buildings that have apartments with duplex or triplex, semi-detached or independent houses. They can also be mixed-use. As a residential club, you can have access to the common areas.

Choosing a good place to live can contribute to the tranquillity and safety of you or your family because it is a closed place, it has surveillance, access to common areas and many other benefits that you should know before deciding to move to a condo near Charoen Nakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai).

Peace Of Mind For Your Family

Everyone is looking for a safe place to live that has a 24-hour security service, a checkpoint and a permanent guard for residents as well as visitors. This provides peace of mind to those who want to live in a condominium, to carry out all their activities on and off-site.

Maintenance Managers

One of the condominium rules is to have one or more maintenance managers. To which the task of cleaning and maintenance of common areas is assigned. Like the sidewalks, patios, gardens, swimming pool, gym, among others, which increases the value of the property because it keeps it in perfect condition.


The lifestyle changes completely if you want to move to a condominium, because you can have access to various common areas such as sports courts, gardens and large green areas, children’s areas, swimming pool, ecological park, movie theatres, among others. Which can improve their quality of life and that of their children, helping them to socialize in a safe area?

Social Areas Available

Some condos may have special rooms for parties, meetings, birthdays, with everything equipped giving a great benefit to those who live in a condominium, to their family and friends.

Buy Or Rent An Apartment In A Condominium 

Keep in mind that some condos may have more affordable prices than others, depending on the area where you want to live.

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