How Do I Know If My Windows Are More Bad?

From controlling the amount of natural light that enters your house to boosting the overall curb appeal and energy conservation capacity of your home, a good window performs numerous functions that improves the quality of your life.

Home renovation projects can be expensive and time consuming, but this shouldn’t dissuade you from replacing your worn-out windows. Knowing you need to replace your window is just as good a knowing when to do so. Listed below are 5 easy ways you can tell if your window needs replacement:

  1. High energy bills

Faulty windows are the major cause of heat loss from your home to the environment. When there are air leaks in your window, it allows for heat exchange between your home and the environment. This causes variation in the temperature of your home, reducing the working-efficiency of your thermostats and ultimately resulting in high energy bills. When you start noticing a rapid surge in your utility bill, this is a prominent sign your windows are bad.

  1. Reduced performance

Opening and closing the windows in your home should be effortless. A major sign you’ll notice when your windows are going bad is reduced performance. Rusted hinges and damaged frame are the principal cause of reduced efficiency in windows. When your windows start to require so much effort to close or open it, you can be 100% sure they’re faulty. An immediate windows replacement or repair would be appropriate once you notice these signs.

  1. Leak windows and decaying frames

Decaying frames are strong signs that your windows are going bad. Decays are mostly associated with wooden frames and it caused by excess exposure to moisture. Once you notice your window frames are decaying, you know it’s time to have them replaced. Do you also notice leaks in your windows during rainstorm? This is a major indicator of bad windows. Leaks in windows is mostly caused by failed seal or poor installation. Whichever the case may be, leaks are a major sign that your windows are bad and need immediate replacement.

  1. Soundproofing effect

Soundproof windows cut-out all noise coming from the environment, leaving your home quiet and peaceful. If you stand beside your window and can hear noise from the environment, you know for sure your window is getting bad and is losing its energy-efficient property. At this point, you should definitely consider a window replacement.

  1. Condensation buildup between double paned windows

Finding condensation buildup on windows is not an uncommon occurrence, it’s is absolutely normal and doesn’t necessarily mean your windows is bad. However, finding condensation between two window panes in a double-paned window is a major indicator that your window is faulty. This is sometimes caused by failed window seal. Getting a quick window replacement once you notice this sign is the best thing to do.

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