How To Choose A Condo? Know Now What To Consider

Published On April 12, 2022 | By admin | business

Many people dream of moving from house to apartment for the possibility of having more comfort, leisure options, security, and tranquility. However, choosing a condo that genuinely meets your expectations does not happen overnight.

However, as the second phase usually generates many doubts and uncertainties, we prepared this post to present the 4 points that should be considered when evaluating a condominium such as a condo nearby BTS Ari (คอน โด ใกล้ bts อารีย์ Which is the term in Thai) to live in and, in this way, achieve the desired quality of life. Follow up!

  1. Location

First, analyze the location of the building to find out the neighborhood in which it was built and, in particular, know in advance what you will find around your apartment. After all, when well located, it will be easy to get to it due to the available references (near location “X,” next to location “Y”) and will make your routine more practical and uncomplicated, as you will have many commercial points within a few meters of your address. Below are some examples of what may be available to you:

  • photographic workshops
  • restaurants
  • pizzerias;
  • markets
  • grocery stores
  • churches
  • squares
  • pubs
  • pet shops
  • snack bars
  • Beauty salons
  • fuel stations
  • yoga and pilates centers
  • schools
  • nurseries
  • shopping malls
  • faculties
  1. Accessibility

A second very important point to be evaluated is accessibility to the condominium, as it directly or indirectly affects its location. “But what exactly should I look at when it comes to this aspect?” you might be asking yourself. Well, for starters, look at which streets and avenues are around the building and ask yourself the following questions:

Are they closed due to construction work, or do they suffer from continuous traffic jams?

Is it easy to drive through them?

If you drive by one or the other, can you easily reach the commercial establishments in the neighborhood?

Do these streets and avenues connect the area to other neighborhoods in the city?

After checking this information (which can save you a lot of time in your daily life), check if there is a flow of public transport in the region. Eventually, you, your family, or even your visitors may need to use it.

  1. Infrastructure

Another point to be observed when choosing a condominium is the infrastructure it offers, as it guarantees comfort and convenience and the sophistication that a high standard of living requires. Therefore, do a thorough investigation of the spaces shared by the residents to see what the differentials of the place are.

For example, if it has Wi-Fi in common areas, bike rack, coworking space, playground, swimming pool, sports court, playroom, gym, party room, etc. Keep in mind that the more leisure areas the building have, the more options for relaxation and fun will be available for you and your family to enjoy the free time during the week or enjoy Saturday and Sunday together.

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