The Features That Make A Lock Up And Leave Property

Published On April 8, 2022 | By admin | Home Improvement

Amid a particularly buoyant housing market, the phrase lock up and leave is being shared more commonly among homeowners, agents, and those seeking to get on the property ladder. This means that there is greater demand for a home that is better equipped to be quickly and safely left, without regular responsibility or maintenance.

There are a number of reasons why such a property might be sought after. Many seek a low maintenance property so that they might be able to travel more easily and frequently, without being tied to a specific location. Such trips away could be weekends or even weeks. The time period makes little difference if a property is designed to be, as the phrase suggests, locked and left.

So, what makes a property lock up and leave? This is a little more complicated than it might first seem and it becomes increasingly difficult to answer with the development of smart home technology. However, there are some basic qualities that support the lifestyle and property design and, today, we’re sharing the most important.


One of the most essential features of a lock up and leave home is that it remains safe. Security is, as such, important. Homes must be comfortable to leave without fear of damage or risk. Cameras can be incredibly useful tools, and this explains the rise in smart doorbell technology, with homeowners able to monitor and even interact with those who come to their door while away from the property.

Other elements of security are those that come with a neighbourhood. Choosing a safe area to live in and a property that has supportive neighbours is a great asset to property owners because it increases security.


The value a garden adds to a home is immense. However, the upkeep involved with many outdoor areas often detracts from a home being considered lock up and leave. This is because, without maintenance, a garden could become overgrown or damaged in harsh weather conditions.

There are a number of ways around this, with the most popular being to design a low maintenance garden. Assets such as log cabins for sale and decking areas style a garden in such a way that requires little maintenance when compared with open flower beds and lawns. Should a resident still desire such a natural garden, sprinklers and even robotic mowers can be purchased and installed easily, helping to maintain a garden’s quality while they are away.

Smart Home

Being able to monitor a home, as well as control it, while on the move is an incredible advantage. It means that a boiler and central heating system, for example, can be potentially activated remotely to prevent the freezing of pipes. It also means that ventilation and windows can be automated or adjusted remotely too, ensuring that a property deters stagnant and potentially damp air too.

Then, when residents are due to return, their property can ensure that there is hot water, heating, and even music ready for when they return, eliminating the momentary discomfort of arriving home after an extended period of time away.

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