Why Gutters Matter for Roof Maintenance

When it comes to keeping a roof in well order, gutters are an important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. For many home owners, they don’t even consider their gutter system until faced with a problem. Some might even be asking, does my house really need gutters?

Most homes are built in such a way that there will be a slight slope in the roofing and gutting to guide water away from the home. If rain flows off a roof without gutters, the water will cause many problems with for the home and erode the foundation in which the house is built on. A gutter system is very much necessary to collect storm water landing on the roof and direct it away from the house.

So, what do gutters do?

Essentially the gutters catch water that’s pouring from a roof and funnel it into downspouts. They are specifically designed to reduce erosion to house’s foundation by guiding the water to a drain or safer area. Gutters keep sheets of water from falling down the siding of a house, and also prevent water from pooling and flooding a home. Although they are prone to clogging and can attract nesting birds, a gutter system is a vital asset to a roofing structure as it protects against heavy water damage.

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Common Issues with Gutters

There are unfortunately a few issues that might arise with your gutter system. Sometimes these issues are avoidable, sometimes it takes just a few extra steps to keep your gutter system functioning well.

Leaves, dirt and general debris in gutters can block and clog gutters. This could potentially lead to backups on the roof, where water can pool and distort shingles. This may eventuate to leaks and roofing damage.

Cracks and holes in gutters infiltrate the entire system of a gutter path and can leak water down the sides of a house. This might saturate and eventually seep into the foundation of house causing soil problems and flooding.

Poorly positioned gutters that have been installed without a slight slope or are not able to properly do their job will also cause roofing problems. They might tip when loaded with water, again leading to saturation and the infrastructure of a gutter system failing.

Gutter Maintenance

When it comes to roof maintenance and repairs, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. However, gutter maintenance is something every home owner should consider. Sydney based roofing company Vertec Roofing advise and encourage home owners to safely do the following to keep their gutters in good working order:

Clean and unblock gutters, removing all leaf and dirt that might be clogging them.

Check gutters for loose fittings, holes and cracks. Even tightening up fitments where possible may help prevent future gutter problems.

Position downspouts away from home. The whole idea behind gutters is to guide the water away from the house – ensuring the spouts are facing a drain or safe soil area is vital.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t take much to take some preventative measures when the end goal is protecting your home. An afternoon every couple of months to keep your gutters at a high standard is all it takes to keep this vital aspect of your roof in a top condition.